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December Fitness Challenge

Anyone want to join me for a December fitness challenge? My goal is to keep the winter blues away, minimize sugar and alcohol, and add a little extra fitness to each day.

Are you with me?

As the month goes on, this will be like an advent calendar, but instead of little chocolates, I’ll update each day with a little fitness goodie.

Sound good?

Oh, please just give it a try ok? I promise it won’t be too painful.

I know several of you haven’t been feeling well and it might be hard to get back on the fitness wagon after recovery. Take it slow and give yourself a little love. And a little less sugar.

Morning Candlelight Stretches

Grab a cup o’ joe or tea and join me.

A cozy fire and every single thing that lights up for the holidays got turned on in my family room.

I dragged out my (cat scratched) yoga mat, yoga strap and foam roller.

And then. Before I could turn around. Kinsey was on the mat taking her morning bath. Since she’s a plus-sized gal, she takes up more of the mat than she wants to give up.

And then she gets so happy she starts kneading the mat. With her claws out, of course.

Why are cats so cute? Because we’d murder them otherwise.

After about ten minutes of easy yoga stretches and all the time I could stand on the foam roller, I felt ready to take on the day.

Foam Roller

Most people have a love/hate relationship with their foam roller. It’s so painful to use, but delivers good results. I’m still in the hate/hate stage. I can only stand a minute or two and then I’m crying like a baby.

My roller is 18″ which I find is long enough for anything I want to do and small enough to store easily in a cabinet.

Christmas Decorating

Okay a totally different subject here. My DFs Jimmy and his partner Sean and Vanieca both sent me videos of their fantastic Christmas decor.

Jimmy and Sean could be on HGTV. I think it’s quite a production at their house.

    Vanieca says she has six reasons to pull out the stops. Meaning her six small grandchildren. Adorable!

    Thanks for sharing, because you know. My décor is very minimal!

    Can you spot the furry loved ones in both these videos?

    Wrap Up

    Thanks for joining me in this challenge, and please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests.