Kitty Beauty Pageant

It’s probably not a secret that I love animals and am a cat mother.  I have had cats in my house since I was 18 years old.  That is a lot of years!  By now I’m quite advanced at it, and it’s a lucky thing since I have some feline naughty going on around here.

And you already know that because I’ve shared pictures of my little darlings. Roxy stars in almost every post. Kinsey doesn’t care if she’s a tad overweight. She thinks she’s the most beautiful creature on earth. Mandy hates me but I won’t give up loving her.

It turns out I’m not the only cat mom out there and in fact, there might be some crazy cat lady stuff going on.  That’s no judgment. 

Who can resist the small jerks?  I mean beauties?  Many of my Darling Friends have beautiful cats, so I thought I might host a Cat Beauty Pageant.

I asked for a few pictures.  Sort of like an old-fashioned chain letter with recipes.  But 21st century asking for text pictures.  Of cats.

And here’s what happened.

I got pictures.  In about 5 seconds. From everyone.  And some DFs sent a second round of “better” pictures.  Or “more recent.”  Not one person said, “Gee, I don’t have any pics.” 

This was the most fun I’ve had posting on the blog yet!

DF Lisa sent a picture of a pillow she has with a naming key so I can keep them straight.

Lisa’s Naming Key Pillow

You know, I have not met all your cats.  Some live in other states, some are new additions to the family and some hide under the bed when I visit their homes.

But I know every one of these precious souls has a unique personality and they are all stunningly beautiful.  Because cats are.  Little cats, big cats, tame cats, wild cats.  They are all a gorgeous gift of nature.

Now, I have nothing against dogs or horses or gerbils or your kids or grandchildren.  I just want to pay tribute to the feline(s) in many of your homes.  And like the snowflakes I know many of you raised (again, no judgment) each of the participants in this contest WIN.  Trophies for everyone!

If I missed asking you for a picture, please share and I’ll add to a post.

Thank you all for adopting and caring for an animal (or more than one).  I have scooped a lot of poo in my day and, yep, I vacuum every day (or Rosie the Robot does). I have put a barefoot in many hairballs puked up right in front of the toilet in the middle of the night. But our pets add so much to our lives and brighten our homes it’s worth every minute.  God bless them all.

On a similar note, I’m still praying for rain to stop the crazy fires.  I worry about the responders, the victims and the animals who are in harm’s way.  If you’re a praying person, please add your voice.

Thank you for your participation in this post and don’t worry, nobody won the Congeniality “cat”egory. Cats don’t do congeniality.