New Soda Stream (and Other Boring Stuff)

I drink a crazy amount of fuzzy water.  So I always thought a Soda Stream machine would be a good idea.  But.  They are expensive!  You have to purchase a lot of club soda to offset that price. So, I put the thought on the back burner. And then.  I couldn’t always get my favorite […]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Easy, healthy and room for lots of adaptions, here is my version of an old Cooking Light recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup. DF Barb let me know that Saturday’s post didn’t have a recipe link for the chicken tortilla soup, so I thought I would type that up quickly and post here. It’s based on […]

Healthy Swaps

If you’re joining me for the December Fit Challenge, I welcome you today as we talk about Healthy Swaps. Just like we knew would happen, over a week of December has already flown by and things are starting to get busy. I’m so glad we’re taking some time for ourselves here. The tips and challenges […]

Spring Tidying

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  Are you going to?  Um, me neither.  More like spring tidying.  Here’s a peek at what my FANTASTIC week looked like.  Including a little spring tidying. Back Patio Hub got out the power washer and sprayed off the chair cushions around the fire pit, the grill and dining table.  […]

Around Town

“Around Town” is my code for we didn’t do much this weekend. I was feeling pretty lazy.  But downtime is good, right? In fact, Sunday was so lazy I didn’t even work out. Not one minute. Didn’t leave my house. Come Monday the piper had to be paid though. I’ll be looking for the ibuprofen […]

Cleaning Green

Like many, I want to be green when I can, but caustic chemicals and single-use products must be at an all-time high usage over the past year. I’m adding environmentally friendly products where I feel comfortable. Here’s what I’m doing. Joining Grove Collaborative recently has brought a collection of home and personal care to my […]

Super Easy Veggie Tray

Taking just a few minutes to prepare fresh veggies over purchasing a prepared tray at the grocery store is well worth the time and effort. Crudités are my favorite contribution to a get together and are guaranteed to be the healthiest thing on the buffet. Here are a few reasons why I take the time […]

Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Winter Evenings

Winter is my least favorite season and I do not like to be cold.  Hence, our move to Phoenix.  But.  It IS winter and I’m trying to get through it.  Honestly.  I have flowers blooming on the patio.  I’m out walking or running every day.  I even moved my office outdoors for some afternoon sun.  […]