May 2024 Wrap Up

Summer is unofficially here as we wrap up May 2024 and head right into June.  Have you started your summer yet?  Plans? Not much is going on around here right now.  No big projects, trips or shopping extravaganzas. Here are a few things that might be of interest to you though. Shopping From Temu I […]

Swimming Suit Organization

Dear friends, I’m going to break it to you.  Swimming suit season is almost upon us.  If you’ve been putting off those toning exercises, now is the time to ramp it up. As for me, those days are way behind me and I accept who I am when I wear a swimming suit.  And.  I […]

February Potpourri

Nothing in particular, but here are a few things this February to chat about. Outdoor activities I know everyone is not as keen as we are here to get out and enjoy the mild weather.  But we have been hiking, walking, eating and even playing cards outside. I treated myself to a breakfast burrito at […]

Warm and Cozy (and Not Christmassy)

It is possible to be warm and cozy this time of year, and yet not be too Christmassy?  Some of us might already be burnt out on the holiday.  But warm and cozy are still nice, right? So whether you are in full-Christmas mode, or ready to move on, here are some ways I keep […]

Christmas Decorating

I jumped into the deep end this weekend and started Christmas decorating.  Since I like to keep it pretty minimal I had everything finished up by Monday afternoon and the boxes back in the garage.  And some of the sparkles vacuumed up. Roxy, of course, was a giant help.  She immediately started taking ornaments out […]


And in other non-news reporting from my household.  I’ve been undecorating.  Snooze.  I know.  But I’m making room for a few new things I want to share. And.  I have to undecorate first.  It feels like it’s been so long since I have bought anything new.  I’m still decluttering and downsizing, but all the “making […]


Praise the Lord in heaven that stylish footwear now includes sneakers!  As opposed to say, stilettos.  For which my back, my knees, my ankles and my feet thank the fashion gods (not in heaven above, BTW). Where I come from athletic gym shoes are called “tennis” shoes.  Because I tend to spend a lot of […]

Sexy (Not!) Projects Update

We haven’t shared too many projects around here lately, but today?  That all changes!  Here is the sexy (not!) projects update and what we’ve been up to. Sexy projects are the best.  You see some crummy “before” picture, then the “after” picture and you are wowed!  Maybe it’s a stunning kitchen or bathroom. But us?  […]

Raised Garden Bed

The absolute cutest raised garden bed with a shelf and wheels and hooks appeared on the Walmart feed and spoke to me.  My herbs were saying, “We need this new home!” Walmart seems to have really upped their outdoor game the past couple of years.  Each time I see the perfect outdoor seating set or […]

Puppy Love

I admit you get a lot of cat pics around here. But today. Today, I’m sharing all the puppy love. Join me celebrating the loves of the lives of some of my friends. Helpful Hint If you ever have a call to action and you need a response quickly, ask your friends to send you […]