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Sexy (Not!) Projects Update

We haven’t shared too many projects around here lately, but today?  That all changes!  Here is the sexy (not!) projects update and what we’ve been up to.

Sexy projects are the best.  You see some crummy “before” picture, then the “after” picture and you are wowed!  Maybe it’s a stunning kitchen or bathroom.

But us?  Nope, nothing sexy going on around here.  And here’s the thing – in one day(!) we found two broken items that needed fixing pronto.

Guest Room Ceiling Fan

For years I used the back guest room as my office, but I moved out last year and we’ve been using it as a guest room.  The point is we don’t go in there a lot.  John was using his new super duper ceiling fan duster and saw the ceiling fan hanging by a cord falling from the ceiling.  How long has it been that way? 

When he climbed up on a ladder he found there was no brace so we aren’t even sure how it lasted 20+ years that way.

A (very) budget replacement fan was found at – you guessed it – Home Depot.  After assembly, a little time on the ladder, and Ta Da!  All fixed up.

Vacuum Hose

And then.  About ten minutes later I was vacuuming the furniture and couldn’t figure out why the upholstery attachment wasn’t working.  I used the very small engineering part of my brain and found the hose was cracked.

Again.  How long has it been that way?  Have I just been vacuuming and stuff is flying the in air?

For a temporary, and quite sexy fix, hub duct taped the hose.  Honestly, I could have lived with that forever.  Our vac is hardly ever out on display when we have company.

But John found a replacement hose and handle.  And guess what?  It’s purple!  What more could I ask for in life?

Shower Head

Several years ago when we remodeled our master bathroom, we did not install the double shower head I wanted.  When we saw a friend’s recent remodel and admired their shower head, hub was inspired to change ours out.

Costco had an acceptable model on sale so that’s what we chose.  He installed it himself and it works great. 

I’m really looking forward to taking the handle attachment down and rinsing the shower after a good cleaning.  Rather than using ten glasses of water that I launch at the walls.  So glad nobody can see that.

Gutter Installation

After the rainiest winter in history, we finally decided to get rain gutters installed around our front entry.  During heavy or prolonged rains our walkway into the house becomes a pond.  If we are having a normal rain/monsoon season it is not that big of a deal.  But it really needed to be done.

So, not sexy one bit, we had gutters installed.  You can bet that was payment in full to the rain gods and we’ll never see rain again for ten years.

Helen’s Party

Now moving on from not very sexy to gorgeous and fashionable, my dear friend Helen (who is both) hosted a CABI party and invited me.  Although I am no longer fashionable and rarely wear anything new and cute, it was wonderful to be invited, to catch up with her, and be surrounded by pretty women. 

I had a great surprise that my dear friends from the gym, Viviana and Brenda, showed up and I got to watch them spend their money!  The both have such good figures and enjoy clothes. When I left they were still trying on clothes!

Helen always puts together such a beautiful table and this night was no exception. She is an entertaining guru and could put Martha to shame.

Peacock Cat

Torture-by-cat-picture is one of my favorite methods to subject you to.  But I really haven’t shown too many lately.  This one I couldn’t resist.

Roxy was sitting on the day bed and I noticed she was in the exact same pose as the peacock in the pillow next to her.

Am I the only one who thinks that is cute?

She looks a little like she has an attitude problem.

Wrap Up

Here we are in the first weekend of May.  Derby day, Cinco de Mayo stretching over the weekend, what else is going on?

Thanks for being here with me. Blessings on your weekend!  XO

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  1. Great posts, especially the Cabi one! Lol
    Yes, we did spend money! Loved seeing you there! 💜

  2. So glad you posted your kitty-posing-like-the-peacock photo. It’s adorable! =)

  3. Thank you for bringing the Death Valley dates and the fabulous time of togetherness.

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