From a Glass of Wine to a Vampire Story

Last week after seeing Summer at Gammage Theater, our group had dinner at Taphouse Kitchen and DF Evon ordered a glass of Virginia Dare pinot noir.  I don’t drink red, so I never look at the offerings on that part of the menu and I didn’t see that particular wine, but when she ordered it, […]

I am Diagnosed as a Logophile

“Inconceivable”! “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  Cult favorite The Princess Bride has so many famous quotes, but really, I love that someone is called out for misusing a word.  I am just sitting here chuckling as I think about it.  And I think about […]

How Keeping Organized Changed my Life

I took so many Sociology classes in college; I could have been considered a Sociology minor.  I loved those classes.  I loved the professor.  I loved her vocabulary.  I loved thinking in new ways quite different from how I’d been exposed to the world.  I especially loved that I could vomit on paper and get […]

The Getty

For years when visiting LA, I would see the white building at the top of the hill and think, “One day I’d like to visit the Getty.”  I had no expectations or thoughts about what it might be, other than a well-known museum.  Last week, we finally made that visit happen, and boy oh boy, […]