Simple Faux Plant Hack

Do you have some faux potted plants or trees that look pretty nice, but have hideous pots? Yeah, so do I. Actually, the plants I have aren’t even all that attractive, but they add some nice green to room corners.  And they were too expensive to dump at this point. So here is a fast […]

How to Revive Wood Finishes

How did my beautiful lazy Susan get so faded and dried out and tired looking?  One day it was sporting napkins and tulips and the next day it looked like something ready for the junk pile! More than likely the Arizona climate is to blame, but no matter.  I think I know how to revive […]

DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Can you think of one reason in the world anyone would take a perfectly tidy house and destroy it?  Especially if you are one who loves tidy? Perhaps a good reason is to hold a PJ dance party with your besties?  Fun music, popcorn and dancing in the front room? That is a very acceptable […]

New Sconces – No Electricity

Remember that piece of Studio McGee art I added to our dining room this year?  I still love it.  But, ummm, the wall looked a little underwhelming.  Still.  Even with the new art. It needed a little more. I toyed with a wireless, battery operated art light.  They are so popular on Amazon and have […]

DIY Rattan Cane Accent Table

The new desk in the man cave sports snappy rattan cane drawers.  Inspired by that, we did a small DIY project to add rattan cane webbing to the accent table next to the new recliner. I honestly thought this project would be a snap.  But.  As such things go, it took a little more time […]

Budget Art

It’s time for some new art in our bedroom, but spending a lot of money for it isn’t too appealing.  But.  I found budget art and I’m going to share it with you. Because.  I love it.  I recently shared some free art I found online, printed it off, used a frame I had and […]

DIY Tall Trellises

Out of control jasmine plants that had outgrown their adorable dragonfly trellises inspired us to a new project – DIY Tall Trellises. And guess what?  Trellises are expensive.  And tall ones are really expensive. Social media to the rescue.  I watched a YT video where a family made a beautiful large trellis from a livestock […]

DIY Cropped Ankle Jeans (and other FREE stuff)

If you have enough jeans in your closet and don’t want to purchase a new pair, here is what I did for DIY cropped ankle jeans.  (And some other free stuff!) New friend Susan had an ADORABLE pair of cropped white jeans which suited her perfectly.  I was instantly jealous, of course, and she texted […]

Sexy (Not!) Projects Update

We haven’t shared too many projects around here lately, but today?  That all changes!  Here is the sexy (not!) projects update and what we’ve been up to. Sexy projects are the best.  You see some crummy “before” picture, then the “after” picture and you are wowed!  Maybe it’s a stunning kitchen or bathroom. But us?  […]

Free Pintable Art and Crockpot Beef and Broccoli

Some random morning thoughts including free printable art, a recipe for crockpot beef and broccoli and catching up on book reviews. Enjoying an early spring morning with a cup o’ joe and suddently inspiration hits.  I’d like a cute piece of cheerful art for my beverage station reflecting my favorite season. And I want it […]