Finding a Minute’s Peace and Quiet

What a week.  I literally pray for rain during the monsoons and then the week we get our roof replaced, we get a record-breaking rain that came from who knows where and really screwed things up.  We had buckets everywhere and I walked around with my Clorox wipes every day.  The noise and all the […]

The Perfect Exercise Class?

Like so many others, when all the stars align, I love group exercise classes.  Stars aligning include: A good teacher who keeps the class moving, has good technique, interesting choreography, good music and a pleasing personality The class is at a time when I can attend Includes moves I can actually do I can no […]

Veterans Day Parade

What makes for a perfect summer day?  Sunny weather in the 80-degree range?  Smiling faces? A parade?!?!  Now that may sound like the makings for a wonderful Fourth of July in our Northern climes, but here in the small town of Anthem, Arizona, it’s what we get for Veterans Day.  On the Saturday prior to […]

Preparing for the Holidays

Or How to Avoid a Last-Minute Meltdown A couple of years ago I wanted some new furniture before the holidays when we had company coming.  I’m not one to prepare too much ahead of time, but I started shopping in August.  And guess what, the furniture would not have made it on time!  Ok, Thanksgiving […]

How Keeping Organized Changed my Life

I took so many Sociology classes in college; I could have been considered a Sociology minor.  I loved those classes.  I loved the professor.  I loved her vocabulary.  I loved thinking in new ways quite different from how I’d been exposed to the world.  I especially loved that I could vomit on paper and get […]