Fall Purchases

Here are a few fall purchases I’ve made recently. I’ve had time to consider them all and today I’m giving my recommendations. Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Tagliatelle Pasta Well, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  (Pun intended.). Let’s just call this “noodles,” shall we?Finding gluten-free egg noodles has proved pretty expensive and not that great in […]

Calphalon Slow Cooker – Honest Review

We ordered a new slow cooker!  The Calphalon Sauté Slow Cooker is what we bought and here is my honest review. This slow cooker has great reviews online and is unique in that the pot can be removed and used on the stovetop or in the oven.  Two other things appealed to me:  Ceramic non-stick […]

Fast and Easy Organization Projects to Tackle Today

Awesome productivity can be found in the tightest of timelines.  If you want some motivation, I’ll share the fast and easy organization projects to tackle today and you’ll be a few steps closer to nirvana. Nirvana?  Yes!  That’s how I feel when I open a door or a drawer and see a space newly organized […]

October 2023 Potpourri

Chatting about this and that for October 2023 Potpourri before the month completely gets away from us. Sedona We took a quick trip to Sedona this week to enjoy the mountain views and perfect weather.  The trees are barely starting to show some yellow, so it’s more like late summer there right now. It’s been […]

The Look for Less

If you have been following my blog the past few weeks you know I’ve spent a lot of time decluttering, downsizing and deep cleaning. Some of my very tired décor made it to the donation bin and a few things got moved around. That left my house a little bare and in need of updating. […]

Finally Fall

The AC was off for an entire 24-hours so I’m declaring it finally fall!  It’s been more Margaritaville than Apple Ciderville here. So I’ve been late getting into the spirit of the season, but here we go. My laser-focus super powers allowed me to ignore high temperatures and pull out a few fall things. And […]

Easy Homemade Lettuce Wraps

This is not exactly a dupe for PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps like so many recipes you find online. But it’s a quick, tasty and easy homemade meal. And it is easily modified to specific tastes or dietary needs. Shredded chicken can be subbed with ground chicken or turkey. Soy sauce or tamari can be […]

Living with Less

Titling this post “Downsizing” or” Decluttering” doesn’t really describe how I’ve been spending my time lately.  But “Living with Less” does. Moving to a smaller house and downsizing would be great, but it’s just not in the cards right now.  Or in the foreseeable future. And my house doesn’t really need decluttering because I tidy […]

September Wrap Up

Everyone around here is certainly looking forward to October – better weather and more activities.  But September wrapped up nicely.  Here are a few of the blessings I’m counting this week. Health Care Professionals Remember that super-duper knee brace I showed you recently?  It has been working out great for me, but I needed an […]