Laundry Room Refresh

For the past, ummmm, few WEEKS, I’ve been hinting I have a little remodel project to share with you.  But.  Week after week. Nothing.  Probably like many of you, we’ve been suffering from the shortages and shipping problems plaguing the world.  So what started out as a quick little refresh turned into our laundry room […]

Live Oaks and More Texas Beauty

We recently drove through the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie (home of the Cowboys and NOW Cowgirls, too) and it is large with lovely grounds.  And then.  T This week I have been staying next to Rice University in Houston.  And oh, be still my heart.  Live oaks everywhere. In fact, Rice is recognized […]


Okay, are you already snoozing or have you decided to just move along and do something else today rather than read a blog post about HVAC? Well, let me give you my rationale here.  This is a blog about enjoying life, right?  Well, if our 21-year-old AC units go down on the Fourth of July, […]

Two Dallas Projects

These are not my home improvements and I had nothing to do with the planning or implementation (can you tell I’m a project manager in my other life), but two of my friends who live in the Dallas area sent pics of their recent projects and I wanted to share them here. Backyard Oasis DF […]

This Week’s Project – Tape and Mud Cracks

This week’s home improvement project was super sexy.  We had the ceilings taped and mudded.  Now they are ready for paint. Yes, we know how to have a good time AND spend money. You might remember last November, during one rain storm after another, we had our roof replaced.  Where there were leaks, there was […]

Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is a long, sad story, so buckle up.  It’s a story about a touchless kitchen faucet.  And one more dang, expensive project in our house. A few years back we had a new faucet installed in our kitchen.  Our plumber at the time swore it was the best money could buy.  And, it never […]

New Windows

This year our big project is window replacement.  And oh, boy, it is more expensive than last year’s roof! But, it only took two days so a lot less stress. We used Window World and so far, so good!  And window world aptly describes the conditions we’ve lived in this week. The sales person was […]

Remodeling to Add a Bar

Our home model had a space for a bar in the great room, but the people who first bought the home opted not to finish it out.  Basically, there was an indentation in our great room with a set of upper and lower honey-colored cabinets that looked like a laundry room.  It was odd and […]