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Two Dallas Projects

These are not my home improvements and I had nothing to do with the planning or implementation (can you tell I’m a project manager in my other life), but two of my friends who live in the Dallas area sent pics of their recent projects and I wanted to share them here.

Backyard Oasis

Vaneica’s New Backyard

DF Vaneica bit off quite a bit of corona projects by contracting for a new pool, gazebo and playground for her grandchildren.  Weather did not cooperate so the project was several months behind schedule.  Can you imagine rain interrupting a timeline?  No, I cannot either, but things in Texas are a bit different apparently.  She now has a beautiful backyard to relax and enjoy.

Gazebo Construction

The fire pit in the gazebo is beautiful.  By closely examining the area around the pool, you might catch sight of three of her fur children.

Updating a New Home

DF Jimmy found a beautiful home in the suburb neighborhood he was searching in, but it was dated and not his style, so he took on a move and remodel all at the same time.

Jimmy’s New flooring

The new flooring they chose is beautiful, dark and rich.  They have two pups, so I hope they’re prepared to do a lot of swiffering.

Jimmy’s Fur Baby with a New Haircut

His new staircase is the pièce de résistance.  It turned out just stunning.

I’m thankful these dear friends have been sharing their journeys and I hope someday I’ll get to see their homes in person.

Stunning Refinished Staircase

What I’m Reading

I haven’t shared my books lately because my posts have been so long.  But I want to get all caught up today.

On audio I listened to a long book, The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer.  Remember that author?  She wrote all the Twilight books.  The YA darling.  In my humble opinion, this was a much better set of characters and I really enjoyed it.  The narrator, Ellen Archer, did a good job and I’ll look for her in the future.

In print, I read the first of a series new to me.  Blood Memory by Margaret Coel featuring Catherine McLeod, a reporter in Denver.  Of course, I love the Denver connection thinking about my old stomping grounds.  The character is part Arapaho.  In the Denver area, Arapaho is a word you might hear every single day.  Arapaho County, High School, Community College.  But frankly, I never knew one person of Arapaho heritage.  I found that aspect of the book interesting, but there was way too much repetitive content about casinos and the Sand Creek massacre. 

I’m linking info about that massacre here so you can bone up if you wish. It’s not a happy story and doesn’t paint the rosy picture we’d like to think existed of the Union Army during the Civil War.

Many historic sites in the American West break my heart.

Back to the book. I’m not writing off this author because she gets good reviews on other books, but I’m not really calling this one a recommend.

In print I started The Passengers by John Marrs.  This books is highly rated and apparently highly anticipated, but I’m not sure I’ll finish it.

It’s a group of eight separate characters who have their driverless cars hacked by AI and are going to be killed for no apparent reason.

Ummm, given these times, why would I want to read that?  If I decide to finish, I’ll get back with you. For the record, it gets really good reviews.

The new Jim Butcher Dresden arrived this week so I started the second of the last two, Battle Ground.  I loved Dresden when it was him, the Chicago cops and Bob the skull.  I could keep track of that.  Now he has so many creatures and characters, I spend half my time remembering who is a good guy and who isn’t. 

I think this might be my last Dresden and that makes me sad.

Well, this isn’t the cheeriest of reads, but I hope it saves you some time from making these mistakes yourself.

What I’m Eating

Since I have been on the road, I haven’t made a thing in the kitchen.  But, I did have dinner one night at a Mediterranean (I will never learn to spell that word!) restaurant.  I was on the chilly side and ordered a hot tea.  What I got was cardamom tea, sliced up ginger and a bit of honey, I think.  Oh, my, I am obsessed.  I am on the hunt to purchase some cardamom tea and make this at home every night. 

My New Favorite Tea

They served it up so prettily too.

I have a few travels in my future and a couple in my recent past to share, but it will have to wait until the next post.

Until then, sending lots of love.



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