Laundry Day

Like many empty nesters, laundry day isn’t an overwhelming chore in our house.  I usually do laundry just twice a week and with our huge capacity washing machine, it may only be one or two loads at that.  And with the price of our water, that’s a good thing. I am sharing my laundry routines […]

My Take on a Cult Favorite – Costco Chicken

The older I get, the less I like meat.  I hardly even eat chicken anymore.  I’m not usually too big on grocery store rotisserie chicken because I don’t care for the spices they use, but Costco is the exception.  Their chicken is actually famous with a cult following. There are a number of articles written […]

My Top Uses for Decorative Hooks

I am a sucker for a pretty hook.  I know, isn’t that crazy?  I love to have unruly things organized and have found that using hooks helps me round up things in a pretty way.  I’m sharing my top uses for decorative hooks. Ear Bud Round Up After using earbuds, I like to coil them […]

Photo by Aidan Roof from Pexels

Quarantine in with a Ghost?

Who have you been in quarantine with?  I know that ends in a preposition, BTW.  I was quarantined with my husband and three cats.  I know, you’ve seen plenty of their pictures on this site. Now, my question is, have you been quarantined with someone you never knew lived with you?  A ghost maybe? Speaking […]

My Contribution to Restarting the Economy

Ok, stores are opening.  Are you excited to get some retail therapy?  The poor Amazon drivers should be seeing some relief once people can get out and about and get their own stuff.  I’m not much of a store shopper anymore, but I do think it’s my responsibility as an American to help restart the […]

The majestic saguaros are starting to bloom

Sonoran Desert Blossoms (and Other Blessings)

When I have less than a stellar week, I always remind myself that this blog is about enjoying life and nobody wants to hear my kvetching.  So I take a nice deep breath and look back at the positive in my week and find a way to communicate those enjoyable things in this space. Looking […]

A Visit to Historic Phoenix Neighborhoods

F.Q. Story District As you can see from the picture, Saturday was a picture-perfect day in Phoenix and we took a drive into town and visited a couple more historic neighborhoods.  Some are still in need of a major overhaul and some are just perfectly charming.  I took pictures of a few homes in the […]

Lightened Up Quick Shepherd’s Pie

My sister swears this is a cottage pie because it uses ground beef and not ground lamb, but I’m thinking maybe it’s a cow pie. No, that can’t be right. Oh, well, sharing: What I’m Eating You know I just love the sort-of rhyme of what I’m eating and what I’m reading that I use […]