Summer Patio

Taking advantage of a week’s vacation, we used some of the time to do the dreaded chore of cleaning up the patio for summer and replanting our pots for warm, by which I mean smoking hot, weather. Mesquite This tree.  Isn’t it gorgeous right now?  Except.  Those yellow flower-dealies (sorry for the technical botany terms) […]

Vegetarian Lentil Soup in the Insta Pot

I’m still figuring out the Insta Pot and I’m still figuring out what fiber-rich dishes I can add back into my eating routine.  Soup is always high on my list of favorites, so I’m using up that bag of lentils in the pantry and trying out a new recipe. has been a reliable recipe […]

60s Work Out

No, I don’t mean sweating to the oldies, here.  I had a birthday last week.  Blessed to be another year older.  But yikes.  If I don’t keep on top of my exercise, it is becoming way too easy to skip a workout or two.  And then I feel blah.  I don’t love working out, but […]

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Receiving almost perfect online reviews, we took a little of our hard-earned downtime to visit Houston Arboretum & Nature Center on a recent business trip to Houston. Spending a couple hours in nature with perfect weather is just what the doctor ordered.  Not that I needed doctor’s orders of course. Hub joined me, and spying […]

Random Spring Purchases

All things cheerful have a place in my home.  I recently purchased a few things that meet that pretty simple criteria and I’m sharing them here with you. Highly Rated Faux Tulips Don’t you just love the word “faux.”  Like it doesn’t scream FAKE?  Me too, just love it.  Earlier this spring I filled my […]

Cleaning Green

Like many, I want to be green when I can, but caustic chemicals and single-use products must be at an all-time high usage over the past year. I’m adding environmentally friendly products where I feel comfortable. Here’s what I’m doing. Joining Grove Collaborative recently has brought a collection of home and personal care to my […]

Spring Shoe Haul

Unlike other people in my household, I don’t have a ton of shoes.  And yes, I am a woman.  And yes that is gender slamming, I’m sure. But, even I break down and need a little refresh every once in a while.  Today I’m going to share my little online shopping spree with you.  I […]


Okay, are you already snoozing or have you decided to just move along and do something else today rather than read a blog post about HVAC? Well, let me give you my rationale here.  This is a blog about enjoying life, right?  Well, if our 21-year-old AC units go down on the Fourth of July, […]