Random Spring Purchases

All things cheerful have a place in my home.  I recently purchased a few things that meet that pretty simple criteria and I’m sharing them here with you.

Highly Rated Faux Tulips

Don’t you just love the word “faux.”  Like it doesn’t scream FAKE?  Me too, just love it.  Earlier this spring I filled my home with gorgeous tulips and daffodils from a Trader Joe’s haul, but alas, those good things came to an end pretty quickly.

And.  I kept seeing blog posts for these lovely tulips from Amazon that consistently get great reviews and aren’t ridiculously expensive.  And.  Let’s face it.  Tulips don’t have much of a fragrance, so using faux doesn’t seem like a big risk here. 

I took the plunge and ordered the orange and red combination and they are perfect.  As in everyone who has seen them literally asks if they are real.  Yep, they are a high recommendation.

They are the perfect length to fit in one of my favorite pitchers – the recycled glass one from Pottery Barn. The smaller size works nicely on my kitchen counter since that space is limited. There are enough extra stems that I made a small bouquet for the bedroom night stand. Which look adorable with my new spring bedding.

Boulangerie Candle

I’ve shared before my very favorite candle is the angel food Boulangerie from Anthropologie, but I can no longer find it.  DF Evon and I bopped into the store quickly last weekend and fortuitously, candles were 20% off that day.  I stocked up with a close second, chai latte and another yummy, whipped cream and pear.  Then, the wonderful lady checking me out said she could add an online order for my fav of all time and I have the angel food on order.  Cannot wait for that package to get here.

I really wish I had smell-o-vision so you could share this with me.  Or you could get your own.

Glass Storage Bowl

While we were bopping into Anthro I found honest-to-Pete the most adorable food storage container bowl ever.  It’s glass with a bamboo top and a plastic gasket.  I haven’t actually used it yet, so I can’t attest to its functionality, but oh, my I’m in love.

It even has a little radish on the bottom.  Anthro always goes the extra mile on details.

I may have even hinted to my DS Monique that an additional size would be on my birthday wish list.  And I may have received two more.  And I may have already opened them.  I am smiling all over with these.

Kiss Nails

You know I struggle with awful nails and you know I’m pretty much a minimalist when it comes to my manis, but the kind of work I’ve been doing lately is really tearing up my hands and nails.

I found these Kiss nails and ordered from Amazon for about $3 less a package than the drug store.  They are petite size and short length so they are so doable for me.  Occasionally one will pop off, but there are tons of extra nails to fix it in a jiff and they more or less last more than a week.

A manicure for $5, done in 10 minutes and lasts a week?  Yes, please.

DF Cindy told me my nails looked nice without knowing this back story, so I’m taking that as a recommendation.

This post, like so many, became long, so I’ll share reading and eating with you next time.

Until then, God bless you and yours.

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