Kitchen Accessory Refresh

It started with a can opener.  That’s how many stories begin.  I like a good manual can opener, but ours is old and it was skipping around the top of the can, not completely piercing the lid.  Prying off half open lids was a bit scary with my history in the kitchen. We probably let […]

Comfort Food on Meatless Monday

We (by which I mean mainly I) have been observing Meatless Monday for years.  It seems like all the recipes I come up with on Mondays involve a lot of carbs. Maybe some cheese and then, bam!  Instant comfort food on a Meatless Monday. With those kinds of ingredients, I guess it cannot be considered […]

Agua Fria National Monument and Historic Prescott

Just a few miles north of our house on I17 is Agua Fria National Monument.  It’s a place we have always wanted to visit, but the road is recommended for four-wheel drive vehicles.  So, we finally took the time and John’s big truck to visit this week. We added on a visit to Prescott, taking […]

Things to Celebrate in August

I recently sent an email with a typo.  Yep, I tried to schedule something for 8/1 when we’re already more than halfway through August.  Whoops.  And how did that happen, by the way?  I meant 9/1 on my memo but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around September.  It seems like a good […]

Summer Life Updates and Recommendations

Phew, for somebody with no life, I have a lot to share on today’s post.  I want to share a few updates on my life this summer and make a couple of recommendations. Renewed Commitment to Exercise I might have mentioned before that I am taking a little respite from running this summer.  The number […]

Monday Clean Up and the Power Washer

Who’s with me that Monday can be the most challenging (and sometimes dreaded) day of the week?  On the other hand, it can be a day of productivity, promise and possibilities. This is quite crazy to admit, but one reason I like Monday is because it’s trash day!  I like to spend a little time […]

My Most Loved Kitchen Gadgets

Don’t you just love it when something works the way it’s supposed to?  And it lasts forever?  And you use it on a regular basis – maybe even daily?  Since we’re all spending so much time in the kitchen, and since I am the queen of shortcuts, I thought I would share with you my […]

Healthy(ish) Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

Is it still really hot where you are?  We’ve got a couple months left to enjoy super hot days and nights here in Arizona, so I thought I would find a way to create something sweet without an oven and without a ton of sugar. I made these healthy(ish) popsicles with ½ cup of sugar […]

New Paint in the Home Office and Guest Room

It seems like not a week can go by that we (mainly meaning John) are doing another project.  I mentioned that I needed a little more color in my home office and John said he could paint it himself.  The reason that seems doable is that we have 12 foot ceilings and transom windows throughout […]