Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is a long, sad story, so buckle up.  It’s a story about a touchless kitchen faucet.  And one more dang, expensive project in our house. A few years back we had a new faucet installed in our kitchen.  Our plumber at the time swore it was the best money could buy.  And, it never […]

Fall Patio and Fire Table

It’s finally the time of year we can start enjoying more time on the patio.  You know a little heat doesn’t keep me indoors and I’ve mentioned how our misters make a big difference in the brutal heat of the summer.  However, October is really the month those of us in Arizona revel in.  So […]

New Windows

This year our big project is window replacement.  And oh, boy, it is more expensive than last year’s roof! But, it only took two days so a lot less stress. We used Window World and so far, so good!  And window world aptly describes the conditions we’ve lived in this week. The sales person was […]

Two Harvest Inspired Meatless Dishes

I love Meatless Mondays, but it can be a challenge finding meals that have no meat and are low in fat and low in starch.  Without meat, it’s hard to be satisfied without fat and starch. This week I tried two harvest inspired meatless dishes that are quite yummy. Low in fat and low in […]

Three Reasons I Hate Baking

A reasonable person might see white marble countertops in my kitchen and think I chose those for an optimal baking surface.  That person would be wrong. I picked them because I love white kitchens.  Yep, end of story. And they aren’t really all that practical.  They scar easily.  But I don’t care.  I still love […]

Halloween Traditions

Do you still celebrate Halloween or is that just kids’ stuff?  It is really my favorite holiday because it involves fun food and drink, lots of creativity and no gifts necessary.  Last year we had a fantastic costume party.  This year, ummmm, no.  Just like everyone else. But there are certain traditions that are easy […]

Reacquainting With the Outdoors

I guess it’s been a slow week around here, because honestly, the big news here is that I am reacquainting myself with the outdoors. The weather is so mild and delightful; I moved my home office to the patio.  We are opening all the doors and windows in the morning to let in the fresh […]

A Few Fall Finds

I feel like I’ve been bragging a bit about being so thrifty with my fall decorating budget.  I’ve used my old décor and I’ve shopped the house, virtually spending no money.  Well, I didn’t want to be too pompous or righteous, so I sprung for a couple of small purchases. Okay, that’s not really why […]

How I Spent my Girls’ Day Out

Cottonwood, Arizona is a small town with a big renovated main street.  On a good traffic day, it’s about an hour north of us and a whole world apart.  They have leveraged their growth on an agreeable climate, charm galore and wineries.  There are plenty of things to do in the area, but for a […]