Goodbye, January

You knew this would happen.  You knew I would again be amazed at how fast time is flying.  Can you believe we are saying, “Goodbye, January”?  And are you saying “Good riddance”?  January has been a really good and fun month for me, but I am DONE with the cold. By the way, are you […]

Helpful Household Purchases

I don’t want to be dramatic like I so often see on social media.  “Game Changers”  “Mind Blowing”!  But I do want to share some helpful household purchases from Amazon that I highly recommend. Most of these items I’ve shared previously, but I’m posting the most helpful things we’ve found in the past couple years […]

Grown Up Tangy Chicken Nuggets

Kids love chicken nuggets. But this crispy, yet moist version, with a kick of heat, are perfect for grown ups. Place Settings We had a few friends over and served grown-up chicken nuggets. It gave me a chance to use my new ivory colored placemats. Can you believe I did not own one set of […]

Fun Stuff to Do

2024 is going to be the year we do more fun stuff. And connect more with friends. It’s my version of a New Year’s Resolution. The past couple of weeks we’ve done some spontaneous entertaining at our house and some other fun activities. And so far, so good! Here are a few of our activities […]

January 2024 Reset       

New Year’s Resolutions are not my thing.  But a reset?  Every once in a while a reset is a good idea.  And to be honest, I still have a way to go, but here is my January 2024 reset so far. Undecorating Christmas It takes me a very short time to get Christmas taken down […]

All About You

This post is dedicated to you!  Yep, it’s all about you and following up on questions, suggestions and feedback you’ve given me over the past year. First of all, thank you so much for being here with me and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in 2024. We still haven’t come up with […]

Well-Priced Trader Joe’s Beauty Products

Trader Joe’s has always offered quality face and body products at great prices.  But lately?  Oh, yeah, they’re taking it up to the next level. Here are some of the well-priced Trader Joe’s beauty products I’ve tried and have bought over and over. And a peek at some of their new items. For the Shower […]

New Kitchen Appliances

Just in case you want to plan your holiday for next year, consider getting new (and expensive) kitchen appliances. Yes, we finally replaced the stainless monster and while we were at it, we ordered a new cooktop too.   Now every appliance in our old kitchen has been replaced – at least one time.  Our […]

2024 Spring Offerings at Target

Studio McGee dropped their first 2024 spring offerings at Target.  And!  Because I’m still obsessed with their look, I hopped over there to take a peek and share what I found. Dollar Spot Before I headed to the back of the store where they keep McGee and Magnolia, I perused the Dollar Spot section.  They […]