Happy Halloween

Honestly, this really is my favorite holiday and I love how many people get into the “spirit” of things. I went to exercise class this morning and everyone had a cute little something to nod to the day. Ok, in this pic, you can clearly see that #1 I am not on a low-carb diet […]

Top Tips for Easy Entertaining

We really enjoy getting together frequently with friends, and while I know that having people in your home can be daunting, the benefits make it worth it.  I’m going to share tips that not only work for me, but obviously for many of my friends who are welcoming and wonderful hosts with minimal effort. Our […]

What I Learned Taking a Night Tour

Among all of last week’s activities, probably the biggest was visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and architectural school, Taliesin West.  It’s located about 30 minutes from our home in the desert hills of Scottsdale.  We went with the University of Denver alum group to a Night Lights Tour which is a comprehensive two-hour guided […]

Having a Ball in Fall

I’ve mentioned before how much fun we start to have in the desert after paying the price of living here in August and September (although we had a mild summer, in my opinion).  For all things weather in Arizona, I check my friend Stu’s blog.  Stu has weather stations in Flagstaff and Anthem, so if […]

The Getty

For years when visiting LA, I would see the white building at the top of the hill and think, “One day I’d like to visit the Getty.”  I had no expectations or thoughts about what it might be, other than a well-known museum.  Last week, we finally made that visit happen, and boy oh boy, […]