Using a Silicone Muffin Pan

My contribution to a recent post-pickleball brunch was pumpkin muffins from Trader Joes.  I know that’s more of an autumn recipe than a spring one, but hey, it’s what I had in my pantry.  And you know I’m all about using what I have. Anyway, the muffins weren’t really all that pumpkinish.  I would have […]

Plantation Shutters in the Bedroom and More Instapot Feedback

I posted several months ago how much I loved the new shutters in our bathroom and transom windows in our bedroom.  Then.  I decided I needed to replace the woven woods with plantation shutters too.  Our room is pretty dark and I felt like they would brighten up the space.  Gulp.  Expensive.  We ordered Graber […]

A Little Spring Cleaning and Fall Prevention

Easter décor is so beautiful, but it’s hard for me to separate that out in my mind from the necessity of spring cleaning.  Which I don’t enjoy. I also don’t enjoy falling and have a little information about that here too. There is not quite as much free time this year as last for me […]

Early Spring In Georgia

There really may be no more lovely place than spring in Georgia.  If it’s not raining, that is.  I hate Georgia in the rain.  Or the snow.  Or the ice. But.  I recently visited LaGrange, Georgia and the weather was lovely and spring was sprouting out everywhere.  Which is my favorite season.  When it’s not […]

Using the Instapot for Wild Rice Edamame Salad

We recently had our neighbors over for a backyard happy hour (before it turned so cold again this week) and I dug out an old, but well-loved recipe for Wild Rice Edamame Salad. I know it doesn’t sound like something appealing, but everyone who has tried it loves it.  I probably haven’t made it in […]

Instapot Brisket and Another Biscuit Recipe

Brisket in the Instapot is new to me, and though we’ve made roast beef, this was the first time for brisket.  As meat goes, brisket is one of my favorite cuts.  I find it’s versatile and it’s best when it’s cooked for a long time. And I like my beef close to burnt.  I can […]

A Visit to Fort Smith, Arkansas

Remember in the old days when you would go visit your relatives, and Uncle Bob would get out his slide projector, darken the room and proceed to give you a blow-by-blow travelogue of his recent trip to ___ (fill in the blank)? Well, at the risk of sounding like your Uncle Bob, I’m going to […]

Haunted Crescent Hotel

There is a tradition in our family loving all things haunted.  My sisters, niece and nephew love to tell ghost stories when we are together.  Some of them are actually scary.  Some are pretty lame, but it doesn’t stop us. So when DH and I had a chance to stay in the haunted Crescent Hotel […]

Refreshing the Living Room for Early Spring

Winter is not a season I do.  I (barely) do Christmas and then I’m ready for spring.  Bring me daffodils and bunnies, please. But magazines, influencers and stores are showing late winter and Valentine décor in February.  New, fresh spring colors haven’t quite hit yet. And I need a little inspiration, please. So I did […]