You Can Cook in a White Kitchen?

Oh, that’s not a question, that should be a statement. You can cook in a white kitchen. I wanted a white kitchen for as long as I can remember and when we remodeled, that dream came true. But a white kitchen for cooking. I never really wanted to do that. I wanted to serve chardonnay […]

A Few New Purchases

It feels like I went a really long time without purchasing anything that wasn’t related to a project we were doing.  After all, stores weren’t open and I wasn’t going anywhere. Now stores are sort of open, but I’m still not going anywhere. BUT.  Yep, I broke down last week.  I actually, embarrassingly, got a […]

Remodeling to Add a Bar

Our home model had a space for a bar in the great room, but the people who first bought the home opted not to finish it out.  Basically, there was an indentation in our great room with a set of upper and lower honey-colored cabinets that looked like a laundry room.  It was odd and […]

Al Fresco Dining Set Up in 15 Minutes

Al fresco dining sounds so fancy, but for me it’s the most casual and friendly way to enjoy friends and family around the table. We use our patio quite a lot, but there is still some prep work involved in taking the party outdoors.  I think I have it down to a science and can […]

Updated Flooring

If you read my last post, you saw the first part of our house featuring lighting updates and upgrades we’ve made over the years.  Today I’m sharing the updated flooring throughout our home and including our patio. We are the third owners of our home and it was about ten years old when we purchased […]

Home Lighting Updates

Part 1 Over the past 10+ years we’ve lived in our home, we have been able to do about one big remodel project per year.  It’s not nearly as fun as a big reveal like everyone gets on HGTV, but it is what our budget would allow. Some projects have way more wow-factor impact than […]

Bathroom on a Budget

I know I have shared the wonderful job John did tiling our bathtub surround in the guest bath, but I didn’t have a rug or countertop décor when I posted that.  I wanted this room to look polished, but on a budget. Area Rug Our challenge in this bathroom – even for choosing the tile […]

Weeknight Entertaining Tips

It’s just way too hard to get chores, errands and socializing all done on the weekends.  Many of our friends are retired or semi-retired and have availability during the week, so I often find myself entertaining on weeknights – or what I refer to as a “school night.” Here are my tips for having fun, […]

Budget Patio Refresh

This time of year we would like to continue using our patio, but we need to refresh things a bit so it’s workable in the high heat. In addition to that, my patio stuff was looking a bit tired, if not downright shabby and I want a little spruce up. It always amazes me how […]