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A Few New Purchases

It feels like I went a really long time without purchasing anything that wasn’t related to a project we were doing.  After all, stores weren’t open and I wasn’t going anywhere.

Now stores are sort of open, but I’m still not going anywhere.


Yep, I broke down last week.  I actually, embarrassingly, got a little crazy with ordering.  It was like my own version of riots right at my computer.

I am here to expose myself and better yet show you some of what I got and what was a winner and what I’d recommend.

Maxi Dress

A picture of my petite sized maxi which actually fits me
Maxi Dress

Anthropologie had some sale with some mere pittance off plus free shipping and really, how could I pass that up?  The true story is that I have been looking for a maxi dress for a long time.  My criteria is long (no pun intended).  Since I’m so short, I need a true petite and not just an XS.  What kind of woman is a size 0 and 6’ tall?  I don’t need any of that sort of depression in my life.

At my age and in my condition, I need sleeves.  The longer the better.  I reserve tank tops for exercise and only the most extreme heat.  Otherwise I’m just not comfortable showing that much arm.

When I saw this lovely Bohemian looking dress checking all my boxes, I took the plunge and ordered.  I’ll let you be the judge of how it looks on me, but I love it.  This dress would work in any season because it’s lightweight, but has long sleeves. 

Now I need a place to wear it.  Hmmmm.

Flirty Summer Dress

Cute and easy summer dress
Flirty Dress

Talbots had some sort of sale plus I had a $25 off coupon, so I applied all of it to a cute summer dress that is more flowy that a sundress and has little flouncy sleeves.  I love that it can be machine washed and dry outside in a flash.

Yes, it shows too much of my poor arms, but let’s face it, I do live in Arizona where it frequently hits 1,000 degrees.

Pink Bag

Pink Kate Spade purse
Pink Purse

Kate Spade has been spamming me daily with purse deals and I have been resisting, resisting, resisting.  Again, why would I even need a purse when I haven’t left the house in months?  Then I saw a pink one.  I had a really inexpensive pink purse for a few years that I got tons of compliments on until it sort of fell apart.  I needed a replacement.  What can I say?  I caved.

Pearl Flip Flops

new pearl flip flops
Dazzle Dry and Flip Flops

Then I saw a recommendation for these pearl flip flops.  They are pretty inexpensive and got really good reviews.  But they are jellies.  I don’t think they will win any awards for podiatric support but they are pretty cute.  Full disclosure – I got red ones with bows too.

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Dazzle Dry

DF Evon  told me about Dazzle Dry nail care system and there are a whole lot of things I like about it:

  • Local Arizona company
  • Uses healthy and natural ingredients
  • Gives as good as a gel manicure without using a UV light and without harsh removal processes
  • You can use it at home

What are the downsides?  It’s on the expensive side and shipping adds up.  Choosing colors off a web page is difficult.  I ordered what I thought was a nude pink and I got more of a shiny white.  In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons and I plan to order another color soon.

I talked about my home manis before and love that I now have another, simpler option.

Faux Orchids

Faux orchids from Pottery Barn
Faux Orchids

Have I already shared these orchids with you? They are from Pottery Barn (where else?). I really needed something neutral and a little snappy for this corner. Pottery Barn has a designer on chat on their site. She immediately answered my questions about size and the look I was going for. It was a nice way to “talk” it out with someone.

Right now these are on sale. I’m not an affiliate, but I’m linking in case you think they’re pretty and are interested. The large one is $41 and the mini is $13.

Now, more honesty. These are not the only purchases I made in the past couple of weeks. I cannot believe how crazy I went. I swear I’m on the wagon again.

Next post I plan to show the new decor I got for our entry way. It’s been the same look since the Christmas to Spring transition. I thought maybe June would warrant some refreshing. I didn’t plan on it being so expensive though.

Thanks for letting me unload my guilt on you and have a good weekend.