Valentines Coffee Bar (and Two Easy Craft Projects)

I cannot believe an entire year has passed since I had DFs Shira and Barb for a little Galentine’s luncheon.  My how time flies when you’re doing almost nothing. I have no plans for entertaining this year, but I did put together a vignette for my hot beverages and was inspired to do two little […]

Bedroom Refresh

I’m sort of all done with neutrals.  And ready for a bright spring look.  So I’m starting in my bedroom with a little refresh. Here is what I’ve done so far and some of my plans.   New Platform Bed The new platform bed from Overstock is up and all ready for new bedding.  So far […]

My Top Tips for Healthy Homemade Stir Fry

If you think a little protein, a little vegetable and a little starch make for the perfect meal, I’m right there with you.  And that’s the definition of a Reuben, right?  Ok, maybe sauerkraut doesn’t quite qualify as much of a vegetable. But.  The stir fry I make does qualify.  It’s also easy and uses […]

January in Scottsdale

We have had some glorious days here and are enjoying January like crazy so far.  Except for, ummm, you know what.  If this is what January in Scottsdale is like, sign me up.  Oh, yeah, I already live here.  Well, close enough – about 30 miles away. We have rarely left our town, but we […]

Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Winter Evenings

Winter is my least favorite season and I do not like to be cold.  Hence, our move to Phoenix.  But.  It IS winter and I’m trying to get through it.  Honestly.  I have flowers blooming on the patio.  I’m out walking or running every day.  I even moved my office outdoors for some afternoon sun.  […]

Replacing Box Springs with a Platform Bed

While I still love our bedroom furniture and want to keep it – including our headboard – the bed-rails and box springs are dated.  It has become increasingly hard to find bedding that includes a bed skirt to accommodate that set up. Because I want new bedding, this was a perfect time to update our […]

Quick Organization Projects

Wow, I don’t think I really have the energy for any big organization projects right now, because we did a few small, quick organization projects this week and I’m pooped! Let me count the pooped ways.  The house became a MESS while we were in the midst of our projects so I cleaned early Friday […]

First Quarter Plans

I know that sounds a bit like a business briefing.  Well, business is my background, you know.  Hard to change these stripes.  But here we are in the first quarter and I’m making some plans.  Not resolutions, mind you, plans and I’ll be sharing over the next week or so. The holidays were used for […]

My Top Tips for Managing Pet Fur

As you probably know, I have three very adorable and very furry cats.  Two have long hair and it’s no joke they shed a lot.  I’m also a bit of a neat freak, and while I think some fur is acceptable (and perhaps even a sign of a healthy mind), I will share my top […]