Well-Priced Trader Joe’s Beauty Products

Trader Joe’s has always offered quality face and body products at great prices.  But lately?  Oh, yeah, they’re taking it up to the next level. Here are some of the well-priced Trader Joe’s beauty products I’ve tried and have bought over and over. And a peek at some of their new items. For the Shower […]

TJ Maxx Beauty Haul – Price Comparisons

Saving a lot of money on products you won’t use isn’t much of a savings.  But what if?  What if you can save money and love what you get?  And what if you can get stuff you already know you love or you would like to try?  Let’s say you can get it at TJ […]

Rare Beauty Cosmetics

This is my honest review of two Rare Beauty Cosmetics that have found their way into my vanity. I am not compensated nor an affiliate, just trying stuff and letting you know what I think. Remember the good ol’ days when you needed a replacement of a cosmetic (which was rarely in my case because […]

December Skin Care

In case you missed it, I am posting daily in December with a fit challenge.  “Fit” meaning all aspects of taking care of yourself.   For many reasons, December skin care is really important and no need to lose sight of that during the holidays. Remember Jessy I mentioned a while back? Who not only started […]

Sephora Haul and My First Impressions

I probably should have shared this information before the Sephora 30% sale ended, but this is the first time I’ve tried their brand and I was a little late to the party.  So this is part of my Sephora Haul (meaning I actually bought more than I’m blogging about) and my first impressions. Here’s a […]

T J Maxx Cosmetics Haul

While on a recent business trip, I spent an evening perusing the aisles of the local T J Maxx, taking my time and restocking some necessities (read:  underwear) that have gotten a bit worn over the quarantine. I wasn’t really shopping for cosmetics. But then. I ran into Catherine. Sales associate par excellence. She made […]

The majestic saguaros are starting to bloom

Sonoran Desert Blossoms (and Other Blessings)

When I have less than a stellar week, I always remind myself that this blog is about enjoying life and nobody wants to hear my kvetching.  So I take a nice deep breath and look back at the positive in my week and find a way to communicate those enjoyable things in this space. Looking […]

Easter and Birthday in Quarantine

Happy week after Easter – one to remember, I’m sure.  I hope we all found that doing things in a new way made us creative and happy and not feel too cheated out of life’s celebrations. My dear friends Evon, Cindy and Sara gave me a surprise birthday party Sunday.  Yep, on Zoom.  I was […]

My So-Called Beauty Routine

This is the third blog post I’ve started for this week.  Everything I have wanted to write about keeps bogging me down and feels too weighty for this place and this time.  I really want to write about something a little more substantial than our good weather, but it keeps coming back to that. With […]