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Sephora Haul and My First Impressions

I probably should have shared this information before the Sephora 30% sale ended, but this is the first time I’ve tried their brand and I was a little late to the party.  So this is part of my Sephora Haul (meaning I actually bought more than I’m blogging about) and my first impressions.

Here’s a little secret.  I don’t want to bash anyone on my blog, but I’ve never been a fan of Sephora.  I always felt like some snotty over-made young man or woman was guarding the store from my sticky fingers shoplifting a lip gloss.

So even though they station someone at the front door, it was never a friendly welcome.  In my experience.


This Saturday. 

A lovely young woman named Elizabeth, who appeared to have not one iota of make up on, much less caked on yellow-tone foundation, greeted me and asked if she could help.

Well, as a matter of fact, yes, you can.

You see, I came with a list of recommended items I wanted to try including possible shades for my skin.

Sweet Elizabeth got a basket, went on a hunt, made shade corrections and helped me substitute when the inevitable outages prevented me from getting what I needed.

It was just delightful and the lady who rang up the purchase was equally as nice.

The store in our area, Norterra, is relatively new, and this was my first vist.

Yay for a good experience.

Here’s some of my haul.  I’m not an affiliate, but I’ll link for convenience.


I heard about Best Skin Ever and recommended for mature (wrinkled!) skin.  My attitude towards foundation is that less is more so I go pretty easy on it.

This formulation is great, not too much and it really blends with my skin.

My face is much paler than the rest of me, but I sort of want my face to match the rest of me.  I got a pretty deep color (34.5N) and it is not too dark on with a neutral base.

Bright Future gel serum concealer in 11.5 Butterscotch rounded out my foundation purchase.


Okay, here’s another secret.  I recently ordered a lip gloss from Nordstrom that is the most money I’ve ever spent on gloss.  They sent me a sample with a previous order, I tried it and I got so many compliments every time I wore it, I ordered it.

Hurray for samples, right?

It’s called Clé de Peau Beauté.  Don’t even ask me how to pronounce that.  I might say something like, “Clue du pew.”  So a splurge, but so beautiful.  That name could be a bit more American for me though.

So I really don’t need anything for lips, but I did get a new lip pencil and some gloss.  Which I’m in LOVE with.

So, back to Sephora.  The Outrageous Plumping Lip Gloss in 05 is shiny and long lasting and supposedly plumps the lips, but has some sort of mint tingly to it.  I’m already addicted.

I got a gel lip liner in 15 Rosewood.  They didn’t have the color I wanted to go with my new Clé de Peau Beauté but my wonderful assistant made this substitution and it should work ok.


I recently found some pencil eye shadows that I like but I wanted one more deeper shade.  I got the crayon shadow and liner in 4 taupe.  Very pretty.

For brows I got a very skinny pencil with a brush on the other end which I like.  It’s the retractable brow pencil in 05 medium brown.

For lining contouring eye pencil in 14 cocoa.  It’s a very pretty bronze tone.

The Pro Crease 26 blending brush was the only brush I purchased and it is very soft and fluffy.

This was a fun little trip for me and something a bit out of the ordinary as well since I tend to just purchase the same things over and over and just order them online. And yes, you can see what a spectacular weather, blue-sky day we had. We’ve been having these days over and over for the past couple months.

I hope your week is wonderful full of blessings and a little joy on your walk.