How to Organize a Beverage Station

Weight-loss and healthy-living articles all tout the benefits of getting enough liquid and how most people don’t get enough water.  That is not my story.  I love beverages. My day starts with a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt. I love that drink. Closely following, is my […]

My So-Called Beauty Routine

This is the third blog post I’ve started for this week.  Everything I have wanted to write about keeps bogging me down and feels too weighty for this place and this time.  I really want to write about something a little more substantial than our good weather, but it keeps coming back to that. With […]

Spring has Sprung

There is a very good reason why I moved to a place that has hellaciously hot summers.  It is for the short winters, of course.  We in Arizona are rewarded with falls that are more like what I call summer-lite – hot days and cool nights.  Spring generally starts early here and I can generally […]

Is Valentine’s Day Child’s Play?

Isn’t what makes romantic love special the fact that it’s exclusionary?  It’s different from familial or friendship love because you love that one person differently from all others and it is conditional rather than unconditional.  So how in the world did Valentine’s Day become a day when little children send cards to every other child […]

Do the Math

I absolutely love math.  That is either a crazy affirmation statement that makes me hope someday I will supernaturally be good at it or it’s the biggest lie I’ve ever told.  I don’t love math, but I love the idea of math.  I’ve seen movies about math.  A Beautiful Mind, Enigma, The Theory of Everything, Hidden […]