Week Wrap Up

My first week of retirement was busy and didn’t go a thing like I had planned.  There were no lazy days sitting by the pool (or by the fire) reading.  There was only one long walk.  But there was fun to be had and friends to share it. Here’s my week wrap up. And a […]

DYI Mirror Tile

In one of my recent YouTube viewings, I watched a video on a $7 Walmart DYI Mirror Tile Hack.  The theory is you buy a $7 mirror from Walmart and use leftover tile sheets to frame it and class it up. When I shared the video with John we agreed we could try it on […]

Target Dollar Spot

The Target Dollar Spot really delivered during a recent shopping trip.  I had as much fun as a kid in a candy store and I brought a small haul home. To be quite frank, our Target is in the hood.  No offense if you live in the hood, of course.  But when I visit other […]

I’m Retiring! (Again)

Well, here’s the big news around here.  I’m retiring.  By which I mean I’m retiring again.  I tried this three years ago and my retirement lasted seven months.  But.  This time, I think I’m ready. And.  We’re hitting the road.  For a month.  Yep.  We’re loading up John’s Big Red and heading out. I’ll have […]

Winter Patio and Excellent Online Customer Service

A bit warmer, dryer weather led to a winter patio spruce up.  My honest report on some excellent online customer service after all the holiday hoopla! The holidays gifted us with a lot of rain.  I pulled all the cushions under the patio cover and we hunkered inside for about a week. The firepit beckons […]

Under Cabinet Lights

You could consider this the first project of 2022.  Changing out our current under cabinet lights has been high on my list for a while, and hub surprised me while I was napping with this less-than-30-minute job. We have such high ceilings in our home and when we first moved in our kitchen only had […]

First of the Year Shopping

My anxiety-driven spending frenzy seems to be quelled, but I did do a bit of first-of-the-year shopping and want to share a couple of great bargains and highly recommended items. Banana Republic Girlfriend Jeans & Sweatshirt I never find petite sizes at BR so I never go into their outlet near our home, but I […]

New Year – 2022

Ok, 2022, let’s get this started, shall we?  Is everyone up for a new year?  Do you have plans or resolutions you care to share for the New Year? Do you start a New Year’s Eating Plan?  Well, I’m way too old to do that now.  But.  I could give my tummy a bit of […]

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Soup making is in high speed around here.  As in almost daily a pot is boiling.  A new Roasted Red Pepper Soup made its debut and it is a winner. Oh, my.  One more time I wish I had smell-o-vision so you could smell how delish my house is right now.  Between the roasted peppers […]