What I Love and Hate About Bicycling

All the rain we’ve had has allowed me to change up my summer fitness routine.  Long walks, short runs and bike rides have been added into the mix of walking to the gym for an early morning workout. Wait.  Did I say “bike rides”?  Yes, I did.  I have no reason not to ride my […]

A Few New Purchases

Just when you thought I could not possibly buy one more thing, I have a few new purchases to share with you. Laundry Room Light Fixture We loved our rustic, urban light fixture in our laundry room.  But with our recent small remodel, it was no longer a perfect fit with the décor.  Oh, and […]

Recent Trader Joe’s Purchases and Reviews

It’s been a while since the last Trader Joe’s visit and there were some new things I haven’t tried.   Here’s a little share of my purchases and some honest reviews. Strawberry and Jalapeno Crisps Okay, who in the world thought a strawberry and jalapeno combination might make for a good cracker?  I have no idea, […]

Homemade Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like many others, I’m really trying to limit my sugar intake.  But sometimes, I need just a little something.  With chocolate in it.  That will freeze nicely so I don’t eat a whole batch. And, for the hub, it’s nice if it’s gluten free. This recipe calls for 8 ingredients and even I could scrounge that […]

Reupholster Kitchen Chairs and Barstools

On a recent trip to Arhaus, I spotted a dining set very similar to the set in our kitchen.  And boy was I drooling over the simple, but classic striped fabric on the chairs. I love Arhaus.  Their physical store is over the top full of beautiful furniture and accessories.  The current lead time for […]

A Few Amazon Purchases and Reviews

Amazon Prime Day had a few (or more) appealing items and I ordered more than I usually do.  And then I spent the next two weeks purging my house and garage.  Hmmm. Guilt? Junk overload? Oh, well, I got suckered in on the bargains and today I’m sharing a few of the purchases and my […]

My Stab at Swedish Death Cleaning

Don’t worry, I am not planning to croak anytime soon.   Swedish Death cleaning sounds so morbid, but I’ve been sort of curious, if not downright captivated, by what I’ve seen about the decluttering method lately. The term was coined by Margareta Magnussen in The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and […]

Outdoor Grilling Tri Tip with Santa Maria Marinade

Grilled marinated tri tip is a treat in our household and although many cuts are sold packaged in a marinade, I prefer to make mine at home. Tri tip roast, or steak, as I think of it, is nothing I knew about before we moved to Reno.  Apparently it is a cut popularized on the […]