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A Few New Purchases

Just when you thought I could not possibly buy one more thing, I have a few new purchases to share with you.

Laundry Room Light Fixture

We loved our rustic, urban light fixture in our laundry room.  But with our recent small remodel, it was no longer a perfect fit with the décor.  Oh, and it gets dang hot.  I was always worried about it getting inadvertently left on and starting a fire.

It will be rehomed to a place with a better fit and I found this pretty flush mount dome at Wayfair.  It’s very simple and nobody would in a hundred years notice it if I hadn’t pointed it out, but I’m happy with it.

Kitchen Runner

You know what my kitchen looks like after I’ve been in it for over five minutes.  That means having a runner in there needs to be A.  Pretty and B.  Washable.  Or at least hosable. 

I love the indoor/outdoor runner we’ve had.  We just hose it off once (or twice) a week and it dries quickly and looks just fine.

It’s on a rotation with the truly machine-washable Ruggable.  This runner is pretty, but the color isn’t perfect in our kitchen.  It’s so hard buying rugs online, right?

But.  Tada!  I found a beautiful one and I love, love, love it.  It’s from the My Texas House line.  I love Erin’s blog and everything she does.  In fact, I think the gorgeous rug we got for the office might also be from her line.

The Picket Fences design is sold in a number of places, but I ordered from Amazon.  It came quickly and at a reasonable price.

Both hub and I think it’s beautiful.  I comment every day how much I love it. A cream colored rug in the kitchen is risky, but so far, it’s worth it. Highly recommend.

Dining Room Chair Upholstery

Remember a few weeks ago when we (meaning mainly John) redid our kitchen chairs and barstools?  While I was at the fabric store, I found a cream color upholstery I knew would be beautiful and perfect for the dining room chairs.

John found time this week to recover them while I had a full day of work meetings.  Since they are cream, he also sprayed them with a couple of coats of Scotchguard.  I could not be more impressed with how they turned out.  They look so pretty with our sectional in the great room.

Thanks, Honey!

P.S.  Roxy seems to enjoy the new fabric on my office chair.

Bob Seger Tribute Band Concert

Hub is a big Bob fan (I’m not, for the record) and he and DFs saw the real Bob Seger in concert a few years ago. Recently our club hosted a concert by the pool with a tribute band.  While I was working out, I watched the roadies (are they still called that?) setting up the stage.  In the heat and humidity.  Poor guys.

We didn’t attend the concert, but we did sneak a peek and I snapped a photo which I think is so pretty showing our beautiful pool with Daisy Mountain in the background.

The couple of songs I heard as we walked around the club were oldies, but um, not my style.

By the way.  What music motivates you during your workout?  I’m always on the lookout to add to my “run” playlist. Blkkk Skkkn Head is my current motivator.  But it’s explicit, so I won’t link.  Guilty pleasure.

“What I’m Eating” and “What I’m Reading” will get updated on the next post since this one is running on.

Blessings and thanks for sharing my journey.  XO

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