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Home Office Remodel

As I mentioned on my last post, we completed two remodel projects this week and I’m here to unveil our new home office.

I use an office I’ve created in a bedroom with a door so I can control noise and privacy if needed since I actually work from home.  John uses our home office and I called this remodel his man cave.  It’s more a redecorate than a remodel, but we did have brick hard-wall paneling installed on one wall.  This paneling has the look and feel of real brick, comes in 4 x 8 foot panels and nails right onto the existing wall. 

Paneling cut into individual bricks around the windows
Paneling Cut into Individual Bricks Around the Windows

Our contractor cut separate “bricks” to make the arch and window surround.  We used grout on the seams to tie them together and John painted them in gray so all the grout looks consistent.

The new brick panel wall
Brick Wall Panel

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South by Silver rug by Orian sitting under the desk
South by Silver Rug by Orian

This Orian South by Silver area rug is a stunning addition to the room.  It’s just the right mix of modern and rustic.  It’s always so dicey purchasing things like this off the Internet sight unseen, but this is a winner.

Wall Compass art from Wayfair
Wall Compass

We purchased new art from At Home, World Market and Wayfair. Here’s a story about Wayfair.  Orders over $49 ship free.  I purchased this beautiful wall compass and it came in just 99 cents under the free-shipping cost.  While it’s an awesome price for what I consider art, I really didn’t want to pay shipping.  I called customer service and they added a $1 donation to their partner, Habitat for Humanity and I received free shipping.  I have had a few experiences with Wayfair’s customer service and it’s always excellent.

Edison bulb ceiling fan from Home Depot and windmill blade from World Market.
Edison Bulb Ceiling Fan and Windmill Blade

We ordered a pretty expensive, but very cool ceiling fan (no pun intended) and when it came we found it had been a used and returned item and modified so that we couldn’t use it.  John went to Home Depot and found this similar fan with Edison bulbs, purchased it for about ½ the price.  He mounted it himself and we saved installation dollars there. 

This metal windmill blade is from World Market and is perfect. Even though it is a bit scary to have blades sticking out of the wall.

Four tier wall ladder shelving unit from Amazon
Four Tier Wall Ladder Shelving Unit

The four-tier rustic ladder is perfect to house devices.  

Standard and USB plug
USB plug

John installed this outlet which gives a quick charge for devices and has a regular plug for his laptop.

Wicker rolling file cabinet slips right under the desk
Rolling Seagrass File Cabinet

I think I’ve linked this portable, seagrass file cabinet before.  We love having the storage without have a huge cabinet in here.

Edison bulb standing lamp from Costco
Edison Bulb Standing Lamp from Costco

This cool Edison-bulb lamp is a Costco find.

Everything has a modern, rustic loft look.  We used Dunn Edwards Dolphin Tale customized to a lighter shade. 

This room doesn’t have a door and can be seen directly down the hall after you enter our house.  I really wanted it to look nice and not just a utilitarian hole.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out and it’s still functional for John.

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Keeping Fit

My DF Cindy Kozacek is an incredible exercise professional and was so kind as to create and post some choreographed workout routines this week.  She has years’ experience creating content, filming and teaching, so her YouTube videos have been a God send after missing out on group exercise for so many weeks. 

Stay Fit with Cindy

I have been running two or three times a week, walking and now biking since it’s gotten so hot.  While there are a lot of good YouTube exercise videos out there, I admit my strength training, stretching and yoga have been pretty hit or miss. 

Now these new classes will help motivate me to keep on top of my game.  I was really afraid by the time the nonsense is over I wouldn’t be able to lift a five-pound weight!

If you want a fun, challenging and gentle workout, check out her videos; her channel is Stay Fit With Cindy.

New Recipe

My sister Susie made this Broccoli and Cheese soup for dinner and included some cauliflower.  She said it was really good and is adding it to her meal rotation.  Those are not ingredients I am eating right now, but I told her if I made it I would have added jalapenos.  I just love jalapenos with cauliflower and cheese.  Yum.  They are still getting pretty cold at night in Colorado Springs, so soup is on the menu.

John grilling dinner and I'm drinking chardonnay
Weekend Happy Hour

It’s much too hot here; John got some grilling done this weekend and was able to happy hour on the patio.  Of course, Roxy always has to join us outdoors and apparently the weather made her very tired; she doesn’t drink chardonnay.

Roxy Loves Being Outdoors, but it’s Tiring

I know many people are using this down time to clean, organize and complete projects. It’s exhausting and gratifying. I hope you are also using this time to rest, reflect and recharge. Peace and grace to you this week.

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