I am Diagnosed as a Logophile

“Inconceivable”! “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  Cult favorite The Princess Bride has so many famous quotes, but really, I love that someone is called out for misusing a word.  I am just sitting here chuckling as I think about it.  And I think about […]

Goodbye, Shortest Day of the Year

Saturday night at around 9 p.m. the sun was the farthest south in the Northern Hemisphere, otherwise known as the Winter Solstice.  This day also marks the first day of winter in the astronomical definition and winter lasts until the vernal equinox March 20.  The Winter Solstice marks the lengthening of days, and as such, […]

Six Ways to Zen Over the Holidays

Holiday season came fast and furious this year because Thanksgiving fell so late.  Concerts, plays, parties and other preparations are all in full swing.  Many days are double booked with activities.  Shopping may be complete or may be wrapping up (pun intended because all those gifts need to be wrapped).  Time needs to be set […]

Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

On last week’s blog I talked about some big changes around here and this is the deal.  I am a retirement failure.  I struggled long and hard before I made the decision to quit my job in April.  I liked my job, my boss and my team, but I needed more time and more balance […]

Pamper Thyself

I recently saw a towel that said: “I either have my hair and makeup done, or I look homeless.  There is no in between.”  That is so true for me.  Really, the natural look doesn’t much work for me and it’s a quandary because I don’t know any of the “new” makeup techniques and I […]