Easy Gluten-Free Chicken Parmesan

A classic recipe modified with gluten-free flour and bread crumbs and using a jar of Kirkland Tuscany Marinara sauce made an easy gluten-free chicken parmesan “linner.”  Using an aluminum foil baking dish made clean up easy too! One of my favs, Natasha’s Kitchen has a video and recipe for Classic Chicken Parmesan with a homemade […]

March Update  

Remember when I said I would update you on what is going on  around here?  And then I think I never do?  Well.  Here is my March update so I can show you all the excitement going on around here. Okay.  Not really all that exciting.  But we have been enjoying ourselves.  Which is what […]

Easy French Dip Sliders

Probably 8 times out of 10, hub orders a French Dip sandwich if it’s on the menu of any restaurant.  Any place, any time.  He loves it.  So when I came across a recipe for Easy French Dip Sliders, we had to try them. Are you a fan of YouTube like I am?  One of […]

Shark Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum

Just when you thought you’d heard every stick vacuum review I could possibly write, I hit you with another one.  We bought the Shark Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum and here is my honest review. Here’s the scoop.  We LOVED our Dyson stick vacuum.  But the dang battery doesn’t last long.  Not as in it doesn’t […]

Spring Tidying

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  Are you going to?  Um, me neither.  More like spring tidying.  Here’s a peek at what my FANTASTIC week looked like.  Including a little spring tidying. Back Patio Hub got out the power washer and sprayed off the chair cushions around the fire pit, the grill and dining table.  […]

Lost Dutchman and the Superstition Mountains

Crisp spring weather was perfect this week for a girls’ field trip to Lost Dutchman State Park and the Superstition Mountains. At about 2,000 feet elevation, the hiking trails at the park are perfect for cool weather hiking, but the lack of shade means you won’t get me anywhere near there when the temps start […]

March in Like a Lion

Of course, everyone knows the weather axiom, “March in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  March being March is unpredictable. It’s never really fair to treat Phoenix weather as typical, but March is certainly acting as transitional here as it is in other parts of the country.  Gorgeous pool weather last week and […]

Pet Food Storage

The pet feeding and watering station recently moved from the laundry room to the kitchen.  Which I’ll explain shortly.  But the pet food storage situation was quite unattractive and needed some attention if it was going to remain in such a prominent space in the house. We’ve had some litter box issues the past few […]

Costco Haul and Recommendations      

Today I’m sharing a portion of our Costco haul and recommendations on what we like. My allergies have been insane this month and I needed some more generic Allegra.  Costco has the best price on that (cough, cough) so we took the plunge and headed there on a Sunday morning.  Everyone who doesn’t go to […]