DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Can you think of one reason in the world anyone would take a perfectly tidy house and destroy it?  Especially if you are one who loves tidy? Perhaps a good reason is to hold a PJ dance party with your besties?  Fun music, popcorn and dancing in the front room? That is a very acceptable […]

Goodbye, January

You knew this would happen.  You knew I would again be amazed at how fast time is flying.  Can you believe we are saying, “Goodbye, January”?  And are you saying “Good riddance”?  January has been a really good and fun month for me, but I am DONE with the cold. By the way, are you […]

Finally Fall

The AC was off for an entire 24-hours so I’m declaring it finally fall!  It’s been more Margaritaville than Apple Ciderville here. So I’ve been late getting into the spirit of the season, but here we go. My laser-focus super powers allowed me to ignore high temperatures and pull out a few fall things. And […]

Living with Less

Titling this post “Downsizing” or” Decluttering” doesn’t really describe how I’ve been spending my time lately.  But “Living with Less” does. Moving to a smaller house and downsizing would be great, but it’s just not in the cards right now.  Or in the foreseeable future. And my house doesn’t really need decluttering because I tidy […]

September 2023 Potpourri

I literally typed August and had to edit to September.  Because just like that [SNAP!] August is over and a new season is about to start.  With just a little bit of this and that on my mind, here’s my September 2023 Potpourri report! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you and […]

Easy Steps to Clean a Keurig

Just using a Keurig to brew a cup o’ mornin’ joe screams simplicity, so it follows that there also needs to be easy steps to clean a Keurig.  Or what’s the point, right? From a French press to a Thermos coffee maker, I’ve had many different coffee pots.  And through it all?  The Keurig has […]

Bissell Spot Cleaner

Other than normal cleaning, cooking and patio blowing – which all seems to be endless – nothing much going on around here. I did take the little Bissell spot cleaner for a ride in my bedroom and wanted to show you how it went. What I Love It’s so easy to store and retrieve this […]

Summer Bedroom

Do you change out your bedding for the seasons?  Cozy, dark colors and an extra layer or two of warmth in the winter.  Bright and colorful bedding for spring.  And for me, a perfect summer bedroom has always been stark white. Experimenting with other colors in the summer has just never been satisfying, so it’s […]

Garage Spring Cleaning

One of the most used parts of our home and our least attractive is the garage.  I just dread what needs to be done in there.  But we did get motivated for some garage spring cleaning and I hope to motivate you too. In Arizona, cleaning the garage is complicated.  Because it’s too hot.  Or […]

Spring Cleaning Chores

The indoor spring cleaning chores seems like a joy compared to what is coming this week.  It’s true.  This week’s spring cleaning chores take me out of the house and into the garage and onto the patio. Grab your ibuprofen and join me, won’t you? Fire Pit Chair Cushions We have toyed with replacing our […]