Fancy Like

Do you know that popular song by Walker Hays, Fancy Like?  In case you don’t, the lyrics go, “Fancy like Applebees on a date night.”  He’s a simple guy, but when he and his lady are ready for an upgrade, they go fancy like. I consider myself a simple gal with simple needs, but sometimes, […]

Puppy Love

I admit you get a lot of cat pics around here. But today. Today, I’m sharing all the puppy love. Join me celebrating the loves of the lives of some of my friends. Helpful Hint If you ever have a call to action and you need a response quickly, ask your friends to send you […]

Best Selling Affordable Workout Leggings

A sucker for social media influencer recommendations, I’ve tried out a few new items and am giving you my honest opinion on best-selling affordable workout leggings. None of these products are sponsored, nor am I affiliate.  Another note.  I seriously need to work on my photography skills or need a better camera.  The olive and […]

High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes

What’s for dinner?  Breakfast!  A stack of pancakes, a piece of bacon and a cup o’ decaf sounds like a really good dinner to me.  Let’s see what we can do about making that a bit healthier with High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes, shall we? Please don’t throw me out thinking, “Who uses cottage cheese […]

Weekend Wrap Up

It felt like a really busy weekend for us, so I thought I’d catch up on that and do a weekend wrap up.  Even though it’s Tuesday and the weekend seems like a long time ago. Dinner Out and Live Music We had a little celebration Friday night with our DFs Evon, Barb and Stu […]

Target’s Spring 2023 Home Décor

Both the Magnolia and Studio McGee released their new lines and BAM.  Immediately Target was sold out.  But some items were restocked and here is this week’s visit to Target highlighting their Spring 2023 Home Décor selections. Home Organization Target’s Brightroom organization line is really fantastic.  There are literally aisles and aisles of bins and […]

Vegetarian Chopped Salad

If you’re lucky enough to have a True Food Kitchen in your area, you might be familiar with the Vegetarian Chopped Salad which is a popular menu item.  It’s delish and this week DF Evon inspired me to make a copycat recipe at home using the template from Here is what I did. Ingredients […]

Motivation for Small Organization Projects

January is traditionally the month of the overhaul.  For a fresh start.  Diet, fitness, self-improvement – you name it.  Any of those can be a lot to chew. How about just a tiny bite?  How about just some motivation for small organization projects? Organizing projects are high on the list of January resolutions. In fact, […]

I Canceled Amazon Prime

My Amazon Prime membership came due on Christmas Day.  And.  Here’s what I did.  I canceled Amazon Prime. These are a few reasons why this membership no longer works for me. Increased Dues Membership dues increased to $130 a year.  Factored in with other memberships I’m paying, such as Costco, those fees are adding up […]