High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes

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What’s for dinner?  Breakfast!  A stack of pancakes, a piece of bacon and a cup o’ decaf sounds like a really good dinner to me.  Let’s see what we can do about making that a bit healthier with High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes, shall we?

Please don’t throw me out thinking, “Who uses cottage cheese in their pancakes?”  Trust me, it’s really good.

And a great way to incorporate protein into your pancakes without using one of the boxed high-protein pancake mixes.

This recipe is inspired by a very old Jillian Michael’s cookbook (which I no longer even have).  The original recipe called for separating three eggs and beating the whites until they are stiff.

Ummm, that’s a lot of work when you want to whip up something quickly.  Or just a comment on my patience level.

Adding the extra protein means that these pancakes don’t leave me hungry an hour after consuming a stack as regular pancakes do.

They are so moist, very little syrup or jam is needed to top them off.

These pancake have lumpy sides because the cottage cheese keeps it shape. I think of it as lacy edges so it’s not off-putting. Don’t expect perfection in looks, but you’ll like the taste.

This recipe probably makes three or four servings, but I eat a lot of pancakes, so I had enough for one dinner and then leftovers. They reheat just fine in the microwave.

I like my batter a little on the thin side, so feel free to add more flour if you like a thicker batter. A bit of baking powder can make a higher-rising pancake as well.

You might notice this recipe calls for NO sugar and NO oil. Yep, that is correct. You won’t miss it.

Now, here is my version of high protein cottage cheese pancakes and I hope you love them as much as I do.

High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Easy to modify with gluten-free all-purpose flour or rolled oats for an even healthier take on a breakfast favorite


  • ½ cup cottage cheese I used light 2% cottage cheese
  • ½ cup all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 3 tbsp Liquid egg whites Ok to use 2 eggs if you don't readily have egg whites


  • In a medium bowl mix together wet ingredients.
  • Fold in flour and mix until flour is well-incorporated.
  • Heat a skillet over medium-low heat and melt a pat of butter. Once the butter is melted, add a scoop of batter for the size pancake you want (I used 1/3 cup scoop).
  • Watch carefully and as soon as the sides begin to set up and the middle bubbles, turn and cook until both sides are lightly golden brown.
  • Serve with syrup, fruit or jam.

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