Fun Stuff to Do

2024 is going to be the year we do more fun stuff. And connect more with friends. It’s my version of a New Year’s Resolution. The past couple of weeks we’ve done some spontaneous entertaining at our house and some other fun activities. And so far, so good! Here are a few of our activities […]

Easy Entertaining Tips for a Stress-Free Gathering

If you are hosting for the holidays here are a few of my favorite easy entertaining tips for a stress-free gathering. So prepare yourself now to enjoy your guests and have a wonderful party, rather large or small. Tip #1 Don’t Clean, Do Declutter If you have a room you won’t be using and it […]

Simple & Small Snack Board

Perfect for happy hour, I put together a simple and small snack board using, you guessed it:  Trader Joe’s nummies. Summer seems like the time to put together something light and simple to snack on.  So, as things go in my kitchen, why not put it on a board? Beautiful warm wooden boards or cool […]

Simple Memorial Day Dishes

Today I’ve got you covered for simple Memorial Day dishes – main course, side dish or dessert. Whether you are hosting and providing the main dish, or attending an event and bringing a side dish, keeping it simple is always best for summer enjoyment. I have rounded up my favorites from the blog and linking […]

Simple Summer Entertaining – Fruits & Vegetables

Today’s post wraps up a mini-series on simple summer entertaining. If you want to keep your entertaining simple add fresh fruits and vegetables. Perhaps since I have done 100 posts on crudités platters, you don’t need to see me put together another one. But I will tell you serving freshly cut veggies with a light […]

Simple Summer Entertaining – Setting Up the Bar

Is it too early to start anticipating summer gatherings?  If you’re on my same wavelength, maybe it’s time put together your strategies to ensure simple summer entertaining. Today’s edition is setting up the bar. We recently had a small get together and I documented some of the steps I took to make sure our bar […]

Easy Italian Themed Dinner

Because of a last-minute change of plans, we invited the gang over for an easy Italian themed dinner this week.  Here’s what we did and how it turned out. Guess who visited Arizona this week?  Old Man Winter, that’s who!  So our patio reservation for Italian Night at the club with our favorite group of […]

Trader Joe Charcuterie Board

I love assembling charcuterie boards.  It allows me to be creative and contribute to entertaining without cooking.  Score!  Using mostly yummies I bought at Trader Joe’s I’ll share my latest charcuterie board. You can see some of their holiday products here. Ingredients Meat and Cheese Trader Joe’s and Costco generally have the best prices on […]

October Entertaining

October entertaining in Phoenix is so easy.  The weather can be nearly perfect, there are activities galore and between stunning natural beauty and so many cute decorations, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Last week I posted all the activities around getting ready for guests.  It has been so long since […]

Packing a Portable Party

My darling friend Jann and her fam get together from different states and do a big super bowl party in a casino suite in Reno where she lives. They love this tradition and love it even more when their team the Seahawks are playing. Well, no such luck this year, but they’re doing it up […]