This is just downright embarrassing.  How in the world did my organized closet get like this?  Grrr.  Time to buckle down and do something about it.  This was way more re-organizing than I thought I needed! Last post, I mentioned I was going to order some organizing products and work to do a little decluttering […]

Swimming Suit Organization

Dear friends, I’m going to break it to you.  Swimming suit season is almost upon us.  If you’ve been putting off those toning exercises, now is the time to ramp it up. As for me, those days are way behind me and I accept who I am when I wear a swimming suit.  And.  I […]

January 2024 Reset       

New Year’s Resolutions are not my thing.  But a reset?  Every once in a while a reset is a good idea.  And to be honest, I still have a way to go, but here is my January 2024 reset so far. Undecorating Christmas It takes me a very short time to get Christmas taken down […]

Cozy Late November Weekend

Checking in on a cozy late November Saturday morning and wondering what you’re doing this weekend. Shopping?  Christmas decorating?  Eating leftovers? Things are low-key in our home this long weekend. I have undecorated autumn and am not ready to put up any Christmas décor yet.  So it’s a little bare.  But I know myself.  If […]

Fast and Easy Organization Projects to Tackle Today

Awesome productivity can be found in the tightest of timelines.  If you want some motivation, I’ll share the fast and easy organization projects to tackle today and you’ll be a few steps closer to nirvana. Nirvana?  Yes!  That’s how I feel when I open a door or a drawer and see a space newly organized […]

Living with Less

Titling this post “Downsizing” or” Decluttering” doesn’t really describe how I’ve been spending my time lately.  But “Living with Less” does. Moving to a smaller house and downsizing would be great, but it’s just not in the cards right now.  Or in the foreseeable future. And my house doesn’t really need decluttering because I tidy […]

Wrangling Waste Baskets

Here are a few tips I use in the kitchen for wrangling waste baskets. Making a dirty job a little better. Our kitchen waste baskets – one for trash and one for recycle – live in a dedicated cabinet next to the sink. It’s nice to have them out of the way.  Especially since our […]

Motivation for Small Organization Projects

January is traditionally the month of the overhaul.  For a fresh start.  Diet, fitness, self-improvement – you name it.  Any of those can be a lot to chew. How about just a tiny bite?  How about just some motivation for small organization projects? Organizing projects are high on the list of January resolutions. In fact, […]

Prepping for Houseguests

We are so excited to entertain our first guests of the season.  By which I mean fall/winter, of course.  Here are a few of the things we did prepping for houseguests. Dear sister and brother in law are arriving for a few days on their road trip stop.  We haven’t seen them in three years, […]

Spring Tidying

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  Are you going to?  Um, me neither.  More like spring tidying.  Here’s a peek at what my FANTASTIC week looked like.  Including a little spring tidying. Back Patio Hub got out the power washer and sprayed off the chair cushions around the fire pit, the grill and dining table.  […]