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This is just downright embarrassing.  How in the world did my organized closet get like this?  Grrr.  Time to buckle down and do something about it.  This was way more re-organizing than I thought I needed!

Last post, I mentioned I was going to order some organizing products and work to do a little decluttering this week.

Well, my stuff didn’t come yet, but there were still a few places I could immediately address.

One are was the dish and cat cupboards in the kitchen and the other was my closet.

And oh, my, was that closet a mess.  I thought I was staying on top of things, but here we were.

Here is what I did this week.

Set a Time Limit

These small projects can overtake my life.  So for me, small bites are better since I don’t have to get it all done right away.

The kitchen project was two 15-minute segments.  One in the evening and 15 minutes the next morning.

I also got rid of a few (more!) coffee mugs while I had the box out.

In the closet, I only tackled some of the drawers.  I gave myself an hour limit on that.

My closet didn’t start out looking like this mess. I emptied everything out so I could start separating and I could see how out-of-control things had gotten.


I made four piles:  Trash, keep and re-home, donate and consider donating.

There were only a few items to consider donating.  Things I love but hadn’t seen or used in a very long time.  One item I ended up keeping and the others will be for someone else to enjoy.


That term is so sad when it’s about an orphaned critter, but in this case, I just needed to better utilize my drawer space so quite a few things got a new home.  I ended up with one whole drawer completely empty.

Weed the Accessories

I really have very few accessories these days, but some I have had for a few years and decided to donate now to make room for something new soon.

My hats were a mess and considering I only have three hats and three visors, that was easy to clean up. 

I “filed” all my little wristlets and fanny packs and they are so much happier now!

What We’re Doing

Our town had a section of the freeway was closed for road construction last weekend.  It happens to be the main arterial between Phoenix and Flagstaff and it was a mess!  We avoided it by staying home, but they are working on the other direction this weekend. 

Last summer we tried to head to the mountains every Wednesday.  So far this year, it’s been too cold and even snowy to head up.  But this week, we took a drive and headed to the high country.

It was springtime glorious.  Here is the creek flowing out of the fish hatchery near Payson.

What I’m Reading

On audio, I listened to the second of the Ballard/Bosch novels by Michael Connelly.  Dark Sacred Night is narrated by Christine Lakin (Ballard) and Titus Welliver (Bosch).  If you’ve been a fan of the series on TV, Bosch’s voice will sound very familiar.  Because Welliver plays Bosch on TV.  That was an interesting twist.

Connelly never disappoints and this was fun to listen to.

Wrap Up

I hope my red-faced moment (and pictures to prove it) help motivate you to take a look at any nooks and crannies that might need to be revisited. 

An organized space feels so good!

I hope to have a few new solutions next week when I receive the products I ordered, but don’t hold your breath.

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless.