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New Soda Stream (and Other Boring Stuff)

I drink a crazy amount of fuzzy water.  So I always thought a Soda Stream machine would be a good idea. 

But.  They are expensive!  You have to purchase a lot of club soda to offset that price.

So, I put the thought on the back burner.

And then.  I couldn’t always get my favorite Safeway seltzer water.  What?!  I know.  And a lot of subs are just not as good.  Dang it.

So when Target had their Circle Day (sort of exactly like Prime Day) the Soda Stream was discounted $30 and I bought one.

It’s been great!  I put cold ice water in a bottle and abracadabra!  Beautiful fuzzy, fizzy water.  And then to make it more Safewayish, I add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lime.


We also bought a couple of syrups for hub but he’s not loving them.

I have experimented with juices and fruit.  Most things are very tart and not for most people, but my palate is happy.

You know I love a good mocktail, so I’ve been doing a lot of experiments!

My beverage bar has a new addition and soon we will have to do a kitchen remodel for all the stuff I drink.  So far my honest review of the Soda Stream is four stars out of five, deducting one star for cost.

What I’m Eating

You know whenever I take a trip to Trader Joe’s I’m coming up with something yummy to share.

First off I made a healthy crudité platter for a small happy hour get-together.  The Three Layer Hummus was the star of the show.

Oh, right behind the pita chips, of course.  Which sort of deducted from the “healthy” part of the platter.

Next I tried a package of broccoli slaw.  The crunch and mild taste are nice surprises for a slaw.  I simply added a few strawberries, a chopped small apple and a few pecans.  I dressed it with a tablespoon of avocado oil and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 

What a wonderful salad whipped up in two minutes!

If I would have had a bit of feta it would have been even better, but alas.

What I’m Reading

Everyone on This Train is a Suspect is the second in a series by Benjamin Stevenson.  It’s as good as the first book, but there are a lot of characters to keep track of.  I especially love the Australian setting which is a character of its own.

Hang the Moon by Jeannette Walls was so good I read it in a day.  She is such a good writer and her Glass Castle memoir sealed her as one of my favorite authors.  I gave it four stars on Goodreads because it had a bit of a slow start and the protagonist took a bit to become likable.

But the ending was good and I recommend it!

P.S. I love this pic because you can see I am actively vacuuming while reading!

Wrap Up

I have some things I want to get done around here this week and I need to order some organization stuff from Amazon, Walmart or Temu.  So comparison shopping is on my list.

Know why I need to get stuff done?  Because Big Red is getting traded in and we won’t have a truck.  So we need to make all of our donation runs now.

Yep, hub made the decision to downsize a bit on the vehicle.  And we’ve put a lot of miles on the old gal.  It’ll be tough saying goodbye.  But my garage will have space to actually walk through!

That’s what is going on around here.  What does your week look like?

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