Latest Amazon Purchases

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any Amazon purchases so I thought you might like to see what’s new. And, of course, see what I think about it! Emergency Wound Repair I’m always looking for ways to improve my home first aid supplies. I found Clozex Emergency Laceration Closures. I now feel better about a […]

Summer Wardrobe

I purged most of my older summer tops and needed some fresh replacements for this year. A couple new pairs of shorts, white jeans (of course 😉) and a new blazer complete my summer wardrobe. Two Target bags and a pair of sandals accessorize it all. Oh, yeah, and my new pearl hoops! If you […]

Cute Home Walmart Finds

I have been finding the cutest Walmart home goods lately.  Here are a few things you might like and I few things I brought home with me. My Texas House I have shared a lot of My Texas House purchases over the years including my recent guest bedroom quilt.  It’s holding up great and still […]

May 2024 Wrap Up

Summer is unofficially here as we wrap up May 2024 and head right into June.  Have you started your summer yet?  Plans? Not much is going on around here right now.  No big projects, trips or shopping extravaganzas. Here are a few things that might be of interest to you though. Shopping From Temu I […]

New Soda Stream (and Other Boring Stuff)

I drink a crazy amount of fuzzy water.  So I always thought a Soda Stream machine would be a good idea.  But.  They are expensive!  You have to purchase a lot of club soda to offset that price. So, I put the thought on the back burner. And then.  I couldn’t always get my favorite […]

Budget Patio Refresh

New patio furniture keeps calling my name. Especially this time of year when every possible second is spent outdoors. I shared on this post the beautiful Pottery Barn outdoor set that is so gorgeous.  And I also shared the cost.  Yikes. It was a tough call, but I made an executive decision and went for […]

Summer Home Refresh

You know the itch to switch has been eating at me for a few weeks.  This week it was time to remove all the spring cheerfulness and do a summer home refresh. Today’s post is all about Target’s Threshold with McGee (not sponsored, not affiliated) and how I used some of their Spring 2024 pieces […]

April 2024 Wrap Up

Last post of April!  This has been a whirlwind month starting off with our vacation to Hawaii and it feels like it’s been nonstop since. Now, we’re here to wrap up April 2024 and this is what went on over the weekend. Lather If you don’t have a Lather store near you, they have a […]

Airbnb Grocery Haul

If you plan to use your vacation condo for cooking, grilling outdoors or just eating prepared foods, here are some things to consider when making an Airbnb grocery haul. When we booked our birthday trip, we knew we wanted to stay somewhere with a kitchen so we could make our own food. So many times […]

Are You a Steamer?

Question for you.  Are you a steamer?  Or are you an ironer?  It seems like people are in one camp or the other.  Older people (such as myself) like a good hot iron, a spray bottle of water and a dose of stiff starch. Younger people (so I’ve heard) prefer to steam.  It gets the […]