Grating and Storing Cheddar Cheese

Purchasing pre-shredded packages of cheese is expense, contains added chemicals and is not very tasty.  But, I do it. Because it’s convenient. Please.  It’s not that hard to shred some cheese. And then I had the great (no pun intended) idea to get the gargantuan block of cheddar from Costco and grate up the whole […]

Homemade Snack Boxes

Things in my kitchen work out so much better when I prep before just shoving stuff in the fridge.  This week, I’m elevating prep to include homemade snack boxes. There are a number of great divided containers online for food storage, but I opted for plastic so we can use them when we travel.  The […]

Goodbye, January

You knew this would happen.  You knew I would again be amazed at how fast time is flying.  Can you believe we are saying, “Goodbye, January”?  And are you saying “Good riddance”?  January has been a really good and fun month for me, but I am DONE with the cold. By the way, are you […]

Dancing Apache Ranch Picnic

An all-time favorite picnic spot and wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon is Dancing Apache Ranch.  Sharing our afternoon and the yummy food we ate. Dancing Apache Winery Denisse and I took the road trip up I-17 and celebrated her retirement with a fantastic day.  Sitting in the lush grass next to the spring-fed […]

Salad Bar Board

Too hot to cook?  Here’s a different twist on an at-home salad bar – a salad bar board. Using different cutting implements for variety and using ingredients for a well-balanced meal, this board will give you a yummy and satisfying summer meal without heating up your kitchen. I used the Mueller Chopper for carrots and […]

Four (Husband-Approved) Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Make ahead freezer meals are perfect for busy families, aren’t they?  But when you’re not busy and not much else to do?  Why in the world would you need to prep freezer meals?  Well, here are a few reasons why and four (husband-approved) make ahead freezer meals that have been a big hit in our […]

Raised Garden Bed

The absolute cutest raised garden bed with a shelf and wheels and hooks appeared on the Walmart feed and spoke to me.  My herbs were saying, “We need this new home!” Walmart seems to have really upped their outdoor game the past couple of years.  Each time I see the perfect outdoor seating set or […]

Checking Out the Pottery Barn Outlet

Although it’s on the far side of town, we sometimes enjoy checking out the Pottery Barn Outlet and seeing if they have any deals worth the drive. The Deals Upon entering, there is a prominent sign clearly stating the day’s deals.  They change frequently and are not advertised, so the only way to know what […]

Wool Dryer Balls

Not being a fan of dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener (though that Snuggle smells SO good!) I have been intrigued by all I’ve read about wool dryer balls. I purchased a package of six from Amazon for $20 and here is how it’s going. Reviews and Company Info With over 63,000 almost-five-star ratings I […]

Quick Weekend Food Prep

Here are some tips for quick weekend food prep which will save you time the rest of the week. And help to avoid wasting food. Do you remember the adage, “Waste not, want not”?  I think my mom used that to mean if you finish your canned peas you will not want that chocolate pudding. […]