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Homemade Snack Boxes

Things in my kitchen work out so much better when I prep before just shoving stuff in the fridge.  This week, I’m elevating prep to include homemade snack boxes.

There are a number of great divided containers online for food storage, but I opted for plastic so we can use them when we travel.  The glass ones are optimal, but they are heavy for travel. 

And, um, well, they are breakable.  I really don’t trust myself when I’m lugging baggage around.

Walmart has very inexpensive containers and if they get pitched on a trip, it won’t be a loss.

And.  It’s time for me to come clean about my diet.  Ugh.  I have not been very diligent about it.  I’ve been lazy.  And indulgent.  And I’ve been paying for it.

SIBO has raised its ugly head and I don’t need that in my life.

This week I’m working on eating better.  It’s not all going to get perfect in one day, but darn it.  It’s going to happen.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Adding more protein each day
  • Using my Low Fodmap app to double check food and drink values and whether they are recommended
  • Prepping meals AND snacks

Ideally, there are three snack boxes I like to have on hand.  A protein box, a veggie box and a sweets box. 

Today I’m sharing the first two.  Sweets for me will be fruit for the foreseeable future, but the fruit I have on hand is not low fodmap.

When we travel, I’ll put together a junk snack box too.  But I don’t need that for every day snacking.


Small veggies that don’t have to be prepped such as baby carrots and Persian cukes are great for these boxes. 

From Trader Joe’s I stocked up on grape tomatoes, small peppers and snap peas, but I used cucumber and carrots I had on hand and just chopped them up.

From Love and Lemons, I made yummy tzatziki (without the garlic).  I made a regular batch, but I just used two tablespoons in my veggie snack box.

Frankly, that tzatziki is better on a warm piece of pita, but that’s another story!


For some reason, making hard boiled eggs in the Instapot makes peeling them a breeze.  We boil about a half dozen at a time and keep them on hand for snacking.

Adding them to a box with other high-protein options is a nice way to concentrate on upping protein.

Prepackaged nuts at Trader’s are the same price as the bulk package.  Isn’t that crazy?  Having them measured out and in cellophane keeps them crispy in the box.

Not a huge fan of meat sticks or jerky, I wasn’t sure about Chomps, but a gal at TJ’s said they are really good so I tried them.  Hub and Roxy found them before I could get one packed, but luckily I got a jalapeno beef stick and I’m sure that one will not get pilfered.

A few slices of cheddar and rolled turkey slices completed the protein snack box.

Wrap Up

So, that’s where I am with my diet journey this week.  I’m not even going to mention where I fell down (already).  Thank you for taking this walk with me and if you have any helpful hints, I’ll gladly take them!

God bless you and yours for a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sorry for the struggle, Twin. I’m also on the reg (regimen) this week too. Watched myself last week, exercised 5-6 days. Zero weight loss , zero! I guess
    Pasta samplers out at La Strada don’t help even if you do avoid the bread basket. Long story short I googled “high protein snacks” and went to the store. Logging meals on app called My fitness pal.
    We always have cut up veg in the fridge. The crunch helps. Hang in there 😘

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