Faux Fall Floral

(and Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches) I know, I couldn’t stand to waste that alliteration. So it stands alone.  Proudly.  And we get a little subtitle here.  The things that amuse me. And I really am going to share the faux fall floral around the house and our latest linner (lunch/dinner) for super easy slow […]

How to Remove Rust from Garden Tools

Did you know that garden tools are meant to last a lifetime?  That they are not disposable?  No, neither did I!  I lose them in the yard, forget about them, and then find them again after it rains.  And they’re rusty and ugly.  So, ummmm, sometimes, I just buy new ones.  I know. I fondly […]

Honest Review of Fusion Mineral Paint

Do you remember when hub painted our console table to better coordinate with our old dining set?  And then.  We got a new dining set.  And then.  The white looked a little stark in our entryway against the new table.  And then.  I heard about a specialty paint brand for furniture.  So we tried, and […]

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Muffins

Squash season is here and I’ve been busy cooking and freezing batches for soup later this winter.  But when I saw Joy Bauer’s recipe for Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Muffins, it called my name.  I used a batch of squash for this recipe. I think it is basically the same recipe I made last […]

Amazon Finds that Make Life Easier

Here are a few things that aren’t terribly flashy, but they work for me.  And they are easily purchased from Amazon.  Who doesn’t want some Amazon finds that make life easier? I am not an Amazon affiliate, but am linking for convenience. Long-Handled Shoe Horn Is she really writing about a shoe horn on her […]

Target Fall Finds

Autumn 2022 has made a big splash at Target and I thought I would share a few Target Fall Finds from my field trip this week.  Wow, my last Target trip was in the Spring, so I guess we are due to see what they have on hand. I am not a Target affiliate, but […]

Homemade Tomato Basil Soup with Fresh Tomatoes

A recent bounty of fresh tomatoes found me channeling my mom and grandma in the kitchen cleaning, prepping and cooking fresh tomatoes and then getting ready to “put them up,” as they would have said.  By which they meant canning in glass jars.  I’m more of a Ziplock freezer bag gal myself. Those jars and […]

Kitchen Bar Stools

The time came to say goodbye to our kitchen bar stools.  It was another hard parting, much like the dining room we recently changed. Our old counter-height stools were the perfect height, the perfect foot rest, perfect match with the kitchen dining set. But.  They were old.  And apparently not made to last.  The seat […]