After Christmas Shopping

You might realize I’m not much of a shopper – going into stores, that is.  But.  I do love a good bargain.  And tis the season for after Christmas shopping! I’ll share with you a couple of things I’m purchasing this week. Print Magazines I’m not sure if it’s a one-day deal or not, but […]

Stowing Christmas

Hey, buddies, how are you doing?  Hanging in there?  Wishing this was over?  Having a restful, peaceful time?  Totally stressed out?  A little of all of the above? Many are happy 2020 is over and looking forward to a better year ahead.  But.  Just in case, I thought it might be a good idea to […]

Easy Sunday Linner

Do you have memories of attending church and then going to Grandma’s for a big Sunday dinner?  I do and my grandma had been a farm girl and she cooked big time. Those Sundays are sweet in my memories. But things are a little different around here.  We play pickleball on Sundays and then usually […]

Two Companies with Excellent Customer Service

I am always happy to share a positive shopping experience and this week I received shipments from two companies with excellent customer service. Here’s the scoop. Roxy is experiencing renal issues (common in cats but serious) and needs to eat prescription food.  The first two options she tried, she ate a couple times and […]

Simple Mimosa Bar and Bloody Mary Bar

Putting together a simple mimosa bar and bloody Mary bar adds fun and several options to a brunch menu with very little effort. A very casual Sunday brunch has become our quarantine habit this year.  After our early morning Sunday pickleball match, our small group all contributes to brunch afterward – usually at the pool. […]

Winter Patio Plant Refresh

Is it possible to get out of any store for less than $100 anymore?  I know, I sound like one of those geezers who say, “I can remember when a candy bar cost a dime.”  But, I wanted to refresh the plants on the back patio for the winter and man, those few plants and […]


Have you heard of Earthing – the process of grounding the human body and its purported health benefits?  On a recent podcast I heard, a woman said that she bought a grounding pad and it eliminated her joint pain and helped her sleep through the night.  Sign me up! I have heard the benefits of […]

A Few New Purchases

I am sharing a few new things I got over the past week or two and what I think of them so far.  I’m not an affiliate of anyone so I’m linking for convenience. Christmas Jammies I saw these Denver plaid flannel jammies on and the price was right since they were on sale […]

Instapot Refried Beans….And the Gym

It isn’t easy to fit both of those subjects into one post.  Or into one body, for that matter.  But the fact of the matter is that I love both of those things and both of those things have been restricted for me. But. I’m easing back into both of them.  Here’s the situation.  A […]