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Winter Patio Plant Refresh

Is it possible to get out of any store for less than $100 anymore?  I know, I sound like one of those geezers who say, “I can remember when a candy bar cost a dime.”  But, I wanted to refresh the plants on the back patio for the winter and man, those few plants and one dish were nearly $100.

We are still using the patio quite a bit and I have dipped my toe into Christmas decorating with a few little touches on the patio.  Setting up happy hour or snacks and making it a bit festive makes the day a little more enjoyable.

Winter Patio Refresh

When I showed you my new PJs I told you how much I love Denver plaid and you can see I even have that pattern on my Christmas pillows.  Those and a cozy throw add to the atmosphere.

A shallow dish, some decorative cabbage, red and white cyclamen, a spike and white little doodad filler plants (ummm, I have no idea what they are) came out really pretty for the table top and you can see it when you enter the living room.

A small problem with “that cat.”  Of course.  I had the plants on the ground getting ready to pot them and she immediately went to the spike and started shredding it.  Those cats love those plants.  I doubt it will make it, but at least I got a photo of it.

I filled in the other summer pots with red and white petunias and we’ll see how they look in a week or so.

Winter Bar on the Patio

The weather was in the high 70s while I was planting and guess what happened the next day?  Yep, finally and praise the lord, it rained.  Like about an inch of rain by noon.  I know I sound like a crazy person, but we haven’t had rain in over 100 days.  And apparently we only had measurable rain 15 days total for 2020.  Quite a year, isn’t it?

It’s Raining!

Prior to the rain and prior to all the trees losing their leaves later this month, I got a picture of our park’s pond.  I stopped after my run and snapped it.

December Landscaping

Speaking of runs.  Well, not those kind of runs.  This isn’t that kind of blog.  I have been doing very well with my new (which is exactly like the old) exercise regime.  Running about 4 times a week and weights and abs about 5 or 6 days a week.  I feel much better.  In the brain.  My hips, well.  That’s another story.

I really missed the cardio and weights.  It was nice have pool exercise for the brutally hot summer, but am I ever enjoying getting out in this heavenly weather. 

Winter Morning: Tea, Bose, Candle

Because I’m an early riser, I like to walk to the gym and get that crossed off my list early, but it’s just too dark for too long.  I either have to drive to the gym or I have to delay when I go.  When I decide to delay, I enjoy my morning beverage, a nice candle, some Christmas Pandora music on the Bose and my Kindle.  With “that cat” curled next to me, as you know.

In contrast, I’d like to show you the hub’s morning beverage.  Let’s just say I would more refer to it as dessert.   Yep, he drank that bright and early in the morning.

John’s Winter Morning: Extra Whipped Cream

Christmas Pets

Chloe and Millie

DF Evon and her girls Chloe and Millie visited the salon and gussied up beautifully. Are these sweaters adorable or what?

What I’m Reading

DF Jill recommended I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People by Terence Lester.  The writing is impeccable and the marriage between bible teachings and reality is seamless.  Which are things I love.  What I didn’t love so much was some of the commentary that was supposed to be eye opening, but was less insightful and maybe just a bit more judgmental than I would have preferred.  I really liked and would recommend it, but it left a bit of an aftertaste I’m still chewing on. A report back on that sometime might happen.

I haven’t finished my Ivan Doig on audio, but I’m loving it so far.  No need to skip ahead on This House of Sky.

Unusual week when I’ve got two non-fictions going at once.  I’m not complaining though.

What I’m Eating

Salad!  I’m not supposed to eat salad as a main dish with my SIBO condition, but sometimes, I just want salad.  Ok, I mostly only want soup or salad.  Or bread.  Any kind of bread. 

But we have a local chain in Phoenix (and they’re looking to expand outside the state) called Salad and Go.  It’s healthy, organic and reasonably priced fast food.  I am not marketing for them, but their business model is crazy – they look to find ways to improve efficiency and thereby REDUCE the cost to the customer.  What?!  I know.

And it’s delish.  I made the mistake of trying the seasonal Fall Harvest salad and added some jalapeno.  Oh man.  Every time I eat it, I say, “This is the best salad I’ve ever eaten.”  And John says, “You mean today?”  No, I mean in my life.  I don’t prefer my salad with meat, but it has roasted sweet potatoes, beets, pecans, dried cranberries.  Okay, you might just call it dessert.  But.  Adding the balsamic dressing and the jalapenos delights my taste buds.

I know you might not have one of these places near you, but if you get a chance to buy all the ingredients, you could try them together. 

It might cost around $100. 

Have a wonderful weekend and try not to spend too much!  XO

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  1. That salad sounds AMAZING! I may have to try it . . . . . I started cooking my own beets to add into my salads or veggie smoothies & man they are delicious!

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