Ready for Spring?

Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring!  Oh, you too.  So am I! I’m taking baby steps ushering in my favorite season and we were lucky enough to have some really nice weather this week to make it feel real. White Tank Mountains Waaaayyy back in October of 2020 we met Jann and Ali […]

October 2023 Potpourri

Chatting about this and that for October 2023 Potpourri before the month completely gets away from us. Sedona We took a quick trip to Sedona this week to enjoy the mountain views and perfect weather.  The trees are barely starting to show some yellow, so it’s more like late summer there right now. It’s been […]

September 2023 Potpourri

I literally typed August and had to edit to September.  Because just like that [SNAP!] August is over and a new season is about to start.  With just a little bit of this and that on my mind, here’s my September 2023 Potpourri report! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you and […]

Car Battery Portable Jump Starter

Well, another post that might not seem too sexy.  But.  I’ve run into some car trouble.  And I want to share two things that bailed us out and might literally have been life savers.  A car battery portable jump starter and a spare tire. If you live in a climate with wild weather changes (who […]

Physical Therapy Treatment for Sciatica

What in the world?  Treatment for sciatica?  Physical Therapy?  I thought this blog was about enjoying life.  None of that seems terrible enjoyable. Umm, well, I haven’t been very forthcoming around here.  Yes, I’ve still been enjoying life and I love sharing tips and tricks and helping motivate you to get things done in an […]

Best Selling Affordable Workout Leggings

A sucker for social media influencer recommendations, I’ve tried out a few new items and am giving you my honest opinion on best-selling affordable workout leggings. None of these products are sponsored, nor am I affiliate.  Another note.  I seriously need to work on my photography skills or need a better camera.  The olive and […]

Sneak in Some Squats

Thank you for joining me on the last day of my December Fit Challenge. We’ve done a pretty good job so far, but to keep on track the last few days, I’m going to sneak in some squats. The best thing about squats is that you can get an easy set of 20-30 in just […]

Advice from a Personal Trainer

Today I’m posting advice from a personal trainer. Not just the stuff I do to keep myself above water. An actual professional! Thank you for joining my next-to-last December Fit Challenge post. It’s been so much more fun knowing you are coming along with me. My friend Brett Skelley is a personal trainer and golf […]

Grab a Buddy

Thanks if you’re joining me for the December Fit Challenge. We’re really counting down now! If you need a little more motivation, grab a buddy and let’s go. Walking, biking or working out is more fun and may hold you more accountable when you do it with a buddy. A buddy can be your spouse, […]

Do the Minimum

Happy weekend and thank you for checking in on the December Fit Challenge. By now in the holiday season, you might be overwhelmed and considering skipping exercise. So just do the minimum. Okay. So that’s a bit misleading. What I really mean is do the minimum and add one thing. It’s really easy to do […]