Advice from a Personal Trainer

Today I’m posting advice from a personal trainer. Not just the stuff I do to keep myself above water. An actual professional!

Thank you for joining my next-to-last December Fit Challenge post. It’s been so much more fun knowing you are coming along with me.

My friend Brett Skelley is a personal trainer and golf pro at our club. He’s a fitness professional and competitor.

Serious stuff.

So you’ll want to listen to his advice around the holiday season.

Won’t you?

Are you nervous now?

Because you’re really going to want to take his advice.

  • Don’t go crazy with food and drink.
  • Don’t stress.
  • Enjoy yourself!!

Yep, that’s it. He thinks having a good holiday is the most important thing.

Good advice, yes?

I couldn’t agree more.

See you tomorrow!

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