Promotion to Brigadier General

We were blessed last week to attend the ceremonies and festivities around our DF Leon’s promotion to Brigadier General. You might remember I shared a recent trip to Fort Smith, Arkansas and a tour of their Air Force facilities.  Our friend the Colonel who hosted us is now the General and we could not be […]

Moving Day

Big Red got loaded up with boxes as John and I flexed our muscles.  I know, that’s a bit misleading.  We’re not moving.  Praise the Lord.  DF Evon’s daughter Jessy is though. And we assisted a tiny bit. It is so exciting that she has a new and beautiful place and is entering her next […]

A Visit to Fort Smith, Arkansas

Remember in the old days when you would go visit your relatives, and Uncle Bob would get out his slide projector, darken the room and proceed to give you a blow-by-blow travelogue of his recent trip to ___ (fill in the blank)? Well, at the risk of sounding like your Uncle Bob, I’m going to […]

Haunted Crescent Hotel

There is a tradition in our family loving all things haunted.  My sisters, niece and nephew love to tell ghost stories when we are together.  Some of them are actually scary.  Some are pretty lame, but it doesn’t stop us. So when DH and I had a chance to stay in the haunted Crescent Hotel […]

Agua Fria National Monument and Historic Prescott

Just a few miles north of our house on I17 is Agua Fria National Monument.  It’s a place we have always wanted to visit, but the road is recommended for four-wheel drive vehicles.  So, we finally took the time and John’s big truck to visit this week. We added on a visit to Prescott, taking […]

A Visit to Historic Phoenix Neighborhoods

F.Q. Story District As you can see from the picture, Saturday was a picture-perfect day in Phoenix and we took a drive into town and visited a couple more historic neighborhoods.  Some are still in need of a major overhaul and some are just perfectly charming.  I took pictures of a few homes in the […]

Phoenix Cheery Lynn District and Sunday Happy Hour

We got out for a little exploratory drive on Saturday and discovered the Cheery Lynn historical district in Central Phoenix.  Not far off a main road, Thomas, sits this adorable neighborhood.  The homes are Tudor and English cottage and not at all what you might expect to see in Phoenix.   It is one of the […]

How I Deal With Anxiety

I am a positive person.  Most of the time.  Until I’m not.  And I hate when I’m not.  Now, probably much like you, I’m lonely and depressed and tired and worried.  But that’s not a normal state for me and I want out!  Here are some of the coping strategies I’ve used over the years […]

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Super Easy Corned Beef & Cabbage

Do you celebrate what I call ethnic (but PC would probably prefer “cultural”) celebrations?  I do, especially if they involve eating.  And luckily for me, most holidays revolve around food!  Of course, everyone knows the menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe even Passover and Easter.  But some of the lesser celebrations – well I’m all […]

Do the Math

I absolutely love math.  That is either a crazy affirmation statement that makes me hope someday I will supernaturally be good at it or it’s the biggest lie I’ve ever told.  I don’t love math, but I love the idea of math.  I’ve seen movies about math.  A Beautiful Mind, Enigma, The Theory of Everything, Hidden […]