Quarantine Work Arounds

This blog is about enjoying life, because of the few things I do well, that is one of them.  I always wanted to share my tips and tricks for making an empty-nest or retirement lifestyle the best.  Now I find myself struggling to be upbeat.  Everyone is inundated with negative right now and I don’t […]

A Spring Fling? Nah, Just a Spring Clean

Weather must be getting beautiful everywhere, right?  So that coupled with forced down time inspired me to get a little spring cleaning in.  I’m going to share some of my tips and tricks here.  Disclaimer:  I am no expert.  I am just a bit of a neat freak (OCD?) with bad fingernails and arthritis, looking […]

The leaves are budding out in the park

A New Week in Quarantine

Anyone else feel super energized and ready to take on another week in quarantine? Um, no? Too much pantry time, TV time and cocktail time? Yep, me too. But, here’s a wrap up of my last week and hoping this week in quarantine is a little more productive. What I’m Reading CorineAtoZ is a participant […]

How I Deal With Anxiety

I am a positive person.  Most of the time.  Until I’m not.  And I hate when I’m not.  Now, probably much like you, I’m lonely and depressed and tired and worried.  But that’s not a normal state for me and I want out!  Here are some of the coping strategies I’ve used over the years […]

Take a Breath

Okay.  Anyone else shaking their head and wondering how we got here?  Take a deep breath, say a prayer or spend five minutes in meditation (watch a kitten video?).  And now, during this time when we need one another more than ever, we are supposed to “social distance.”  I’m trying to make small, significant changes […]

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Super Easy Corned Beef & Cabbage

Do you celebrate what I call ethnic (but PC would probably prefer “cultural”) celebrations?  I do, especially if they involve eating.  And luckily for me, most holidays revolve around food!  Of course, everyone knows the menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe even Passover and Easter.  But some of the lesser celebrations – well I’m all […]

How to Build a Delicious (and Healthy!)Pizza

We hosted our first patio happy hour Friday night with DF Helen.  It might have been a bit more than happy hour, because we added an assemble-yourself pizza bar, so I guess you can call it dinner.  Can pizza be delicious and healthy? Well, we built and grilled them on the patio. I can attest […]

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Spring Workouts & Stay Motivated

While the weather might not be perfect for outdoor workouts quite yet, in most places it is slowly improving, and getting some fresh air and a little sunshine feels so good.  Here in Arizona, the Texas Laurel is in full bloom and smells like heaven. So now is the perfect time to re-motivate yourself and […]

My Favorite Detectives (and Honorable Mentions)

Mysteries are by far and away my favorite reading genre and I have so many favorite series detectives.  I don’t care if the novels are violent and trashy, bring it on!  Strangely, I don’t like that in movies, but in books, I do.  Go figure. To qualify as one my top favorite detectives means that […]