5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Spring Workouts & Stay Motivated

While the weather might not be perfect for outdoor workouts quite yet, in most places it is slowly improving, and getting some fresh air and a little sunshine feels so good.  Here in Arizona, the Texas Laurel is in full bloom and smells like heaven. So now is the perfect time to re-motivate yourself and freshen up your workouts. Here are the five things I’m doing right now to stay motivated.

Take it Outside

I have a pretty narrow range of weather I will work out in.  If it’s too cold (under 40), too hot (over 90), too windy or too rainy, you are going to find me on the treadmill.  I’m a weenie and I know it and I work with it. However, I find outdoor exercise is really motivating and I get out every chance I get.

Attending water aerobics when the weather permits in a beautiful heated pool is a wonderful way to freshen my spring workout and stay motivated.
Marie and me before water class

My adorable friend Marie teaches a wonderful class on Saturday mornings and when I attend, I am so grateful for where I live and for my tribe.

I just cannot do water aerobics in the winter even though they keep our pool at about 85 degrees all year.  Getting out into the cold air while I’m wet is no kind of motivation for these old bones.  But when there is no wind and there is a sunny sky, I find there is no more perfect way to spend an hour than in the pool. Adding this class to my spring workout is fun and motivating.

Spring is the perfect time to call a friend and schedule a walk and a catch-up session.  With all the holiday hoopla behind us, we need to reset our regular activities and reconnect with our friends. In the past couple weeks, I’ve walked several times a week with different friends and even had a virtual walk with my sister in Sacramento with both of us on the phone.  Working with other peoples’ schedule and fitness levels means I might be walking at times different for me and at different paces.  Mixing that up is fun and motivating.

Grab a Buddy and a Cup o’ Joe

Scheduling time with a friend after attending group exercise is a wonderful way to freshen my spring workout and stay motivated.
Grabbing coffee with Cindy

My friend Cindy and I scheduled some coffee time after the Fun and Fit class she teaches.  Sure, we were sweaty and wearing our exercise clothes, but really who cares? We sat at my kitchen table and watched Roxy play in the Costco box. I cannot always attend her class, but she is one of the most professional instructors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I’m going to dedicate a post with her expertise soon. Cindy was also my first guest to use the Keurig and the beverage station I shared last week.

Roxy is just one of the girls and she certainly enjoyed working out with Cindy!
Roxy having coffee with the girls

What a wonderful way to reward yourself for meeting your workout goals.

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Try Something Old

Wow, it's literally been 10 years since I strapped on Rollerblades.  Turns out its a wonderful way to freshen my spring workout and stay motivated.
Strapping on the old Rollerblades

This is a true story.  One night I dreamed I was roller skating and the next morning I felt so free and happy.  I’m not the greatest Rollerblader on the planet and frankly, it’s a little frightening to participate in an activity where broken bones are so easily imagined.  But I just could not shake the desire to skate.  I decided to take it slow and skated around the empty garage (with helmet and pads on, of course).  Can I tell you how sore I was the next day?!  Not from falling, from using muscles I forgot I had.  I’m keeping with this.

So it turns out something old becomes something new and refreshes and motivates me.

BTW, they still sell Rollerblades, but be sure to get the pads too!

Step aerobics is another blast from the past that appears on very few group exercise schedules these days.  I so love it, I use the exercise room when it’s empty and do some routines I’ve seen on YouTube.

Old Style Step Aerobics

Download New Music

Honestly, how old are the songs on your playlist?  Are you still listening to Boom Boom Pow to get yourself out the door?  If you search on “Workout Playlist” on iTunes or “Pop Fitness” on Pandora, you will get a lot of suggestions for motivational music – both new tunes and maybe some old tunes you’ve forgotten about or that have been remixed.

Our library subscribes to FreegalMusic.com and I “borrow” a lot of good tunes which I load onto my phone.  No need to purchase entire CDs of music anymore!

You can stream, download or borrow for little or no cost and freshen up your tunes.

Wear a Cute Outfit

I don’t mean to be sharing too much information here, but I don’t wear a bathrobe.  Don’t need one.  I get up first thing in the morning and I put on exercise clothes and my indoor sneakers.  I do all my chores and more than likely, might get delayed but, I’m exercise-ready and when I get a free hour, I lace on my outdoor shoes and go!  Both my mind and body are prepared and I never have an excuse. 

I don’t usually get too fancy with exercise clothes.  They really need to work for the activity I’m doing.  If I’m running, I want something with good compression that won’t slip.  If I’m attending an indoor class, I want something that isn’t too hot.  I always want lots of pockets for my phone, key, credit card or whatever.  Although to be honest, there are apps for everything and you really only need to take your phone anymore.

But, I’m girly enough to know that sometimes a cute outfit just makes me feel good.  You’ve worked hard for this body and if want the top with the strappy back, get it!

Here’s something to think about though, especially as you age. Getting in and out of exercise clothes can be a workout in and of itself. Lulu Lemon’s clothes run VERY small. If the shop clerk tells you to try on a size 8 and you’re used to a size 4, try on the 8. You DO NOT WANT to do a Harry Houdini in the fitting room dislocating your shoulder to remove a sports bra.

When you work so hard to keep fit, you deserve to wear something cute and it's motivating too.
My strappy back top

I am so blessed to have friends who will travel on the fitness journey with me. Friends who teach and are dedicated to their profession keeping their certifications current and their workouts new and exciting. Friends who will join me for a walk or a pickleball match. Friends who will talk on the phone while I walk. I thank you and salute you.