How to Organize a Beverage Station

Weight-loss and healthy-living articles all tout the benefits of getting enough liquid and how most people don’t get enough water.  That is not my story.  I love beverages.

My day starts with a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt. I love that drink. Closely following, is my first cup of tea of the morning.  At some point thereafter, I have myself a little coffee break and make myself a cup o’ joe.  None of this is fancy, but it’s part of my sacred ritual.  I drink more water during the day and I love a glass of wine at night (to be quite honest, it’s rarely ever one!).

My BIL, Pete, makes a mean espresso and he can make a design on top with steamed milk, like a heart or a leaf.  I have tried this and all my designs end up looking like a butt, so I no longer put that on top.  I opt for a sprinkle of cinnamon and a quart of cream on the bottom.  Just, kidding, but I do like cream in my coffee.  My point is, nothing fancy, just a lot of it.  I’m pretty sure that makes me an expert on drinks, and by default an expert on a beverage station.

It seems as if home coffee bars are a popular Instagram “thing.”  I’m not really prone to doing what is in at the moment, but I have had a beverage station for longer than I’ve been on Instagram and it is something that works for me and keep my many beverages wrangled (which is a Colorado term, I’m sure) and fairly clean.

Minimize Appliances on Counter

I have a regular coffee maker I use when I need to make coffee for groups and I have a French press I use for those particular about their coffee experience.  I keep anything I don’t use every day put away and out of sight.  My beverage station is limited to a Keurig and an electric tea kettle. My kettle is older, but this Dezin kettle here is a similar one for less than $20 and with excellent reviews.

My beverage station includes a Keurig machine and an electric tea kettle.
Beverage Station

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Have a Drink Assortment Easily Available

I like a variety of coffee and tea, so I keep an assortment handy.  I have a beautiful tea box my sister Monique gave me.  My sister Susie has sent me tea from literally all over the world during her many travels.  Making a selection for myself or offering to guests is easy and lovely.  I don’t have to bring out every box of tea in my cupboard.

Do you remember Longaberger and their baskets you could purchase at a party for $180 each?  Yes, they are out of business and yes, I still have a lot of those expensive baskets.  I put one of them to use storing Kcups for easy daily use.  The large Costco-sized box of pods is in the pantry.

You can see I keep the powdered cocoa and Crystal Light loose packages in a cute bowl and the larger boxes of them are stored behind.

I use a tea box for a selection of teas and a Longaberger basket for coffee pods in the cupboard above my beverage station.
All my beverages corralled

Keep Everything Corralled

Not only do I keep my drinks corralled in convenient containers, I use this pretty hen board to hold my tea kettle, honey, and spoon. Things stored on a tray or a board tend not to leach

Use What You Love Every Day

I use things I love and that make me feel happy and grateful.  This is certainly the way I like to start my day, and in fact, how I like to conduct my life. 

I use my beautiful honey pot, a silver spoon handed down from my mom and a favorite mug at my beverage station.
A few of my favorite things

I’ve written before how much I like this honey pot.  The silver spoon I use is one of the few things I got from my mom before she died.  When I was in Aspen last summer with my sisters, we fell in love with these mugs in our condo and Monique and I gifted each other with them at Christmas. That teabag holder is a gift from my sister Susie.

At the end of the day, I don’t really have a Pinterest-worthy beverage station.  I don’t decorate it with farmhouse charm, but I love how perfectly it functions for me.

My gray and white tuxedo - Mandy

On just one other note, this cat hates me for some reason, but she is so dang adorable. Her fur is as thick and soft as a bunny’s. Her paws are bright white and huge. Her nose is perfect pink. Too bad she wants nothing to do with me. Her name is Mandy, named for my favorite Barry Manilow song.

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  1. I have a similar beverage station—including cups, tea, and bag holder! I also recommend three beverages at a time: hot, cold and boozy. You may want to go with just hot and cold in the morning, depending on what kind of day you’re looking at.

    1. If I remember correctly, you are the one who started my station in the first place! And I agree, hot, cold and boozy are must categories! I hope Pete will see his “shout out” in this post 🙂

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